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510 LB Squat - 8 LBS Over The Record


2 weeks till the meet and here I am squating 510. The record for the junior 220's is 502
I expect to go for 540 on meet day.

Taking all criticism, critiques, and compliments


Looks painful when you rack the weight. Why not just walk right into the rack and lower? Thats awesome, good luck man!


Which federation do you compete in?


Solid bro! when you hit the 510, was your spotter wearing a sling on one arm?!


the pins on this rack are really difficult to get into. if you walk right in you get stuck on top of them and then it wont be racked right, but if i raise them up one level i almost have to go on my toes to get the bar out and back in. If i got my hands further inside then i wouldnt have an issue but damn my stubborn nature!

and to the other question i compete in the NASA Federation. Its a fairly small Fed but I like the fact that they are tested.


ha yea he was. we were the only ones in the gym and my dad (BlueCollarTr8n) had bicep tendon surgery about 2 weeks ago. I didnt expect to have any trouble with the weight so he was really back there just for decoration


hahaha yeah I saw that...good thing you didn't need him or that could've been bad news bears. Other than that, thats was pretty damn good...you do em wide, I'm workin on that.


Fuck, you threw that up like you were just warming up. Good lift


Nice one guy.

I would say good luck breaking it but your hard work is already assuring the record will be broken.

Well done



nice lift dude!


nice! Hope you break the record at the meet


Your face looks evil when you squat.

Good job.




Looked really smooth, nice job man.


Awesome! Break a leg!!!! Metaphorically speaking of course.


thank you all for the awesome compliments. I will be sure to post a clip with all my meet lifts as soon as its done


hey man...looks good, but bring in your grip...it will add stability to the squat


Those were great looking squats. Good luck at the meet.


Solid. That record is yours.


That looks beautiful. Good luck at your meet!