5'10", 67kg - 1 Year Trainee


Bit of a wall of text incoming, thanks in advance for getting to the bottom of it and your input!

Current physique, completely relaxed. Stats are 5’10 (176cm) at 147lbs (67kg).

The other pic is goals.

As it stands right now I’m following an IF cut until I get really lean, at which point I’d transition into a lean bulk up 75kg and reassess. Doing 1700kcal per day, maintenance worked out at around 2200kcal.

Protein averages around 120g per day with the rest being mostly evenly distributed between fats and carbs.

Routine is every other day with A/B workout.

All exercises are done as 3 sets of 6 to 8 reps with double progression.


Incline bench press (70 kg x 6)
Overhead press (50kg x 6)
Squat (95kg x 6)
Weighted dips (30kg x 6)
Incline DB press (27.5kg x 6)


Deadlift (115kg x 6)
Weighted chin ups (25kg x 6)
DB rows (22.5kg x 6)
Shrugs (20kg x 6)

Waist has gone down in 3 weeks from 81cm measured at the navel to 79cm relaxed, bicep has remained at 33.5cm (flexed), those are the only 2 measurements I’ve taken during the cut.

Due to time constraints I can’t really dedicate more than an hour or so 3 times per week.

Seeing where I am and where I want to get I want to know:

A) Is it feasible with the amount of time I can dedicate?
B) Am I going about it the right way?
C) Personal suggestions


Doing sets of 6-8 on every exercise isnt really that great for growth. Also three day a week is good, many strong muscular guys do well with three days. Id suggest not doing a cut and instead aim for more lean muscle gains?, why do a cut when instead you should be adding muscle. You could do with a fair bit moee muscle… Also 120 grams of protein is not enough, generally you need ×1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight.

Do this program.

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You some concentration camp looking motherfucker aren’tcha lel

Jk. So you want to go from skinny to skinny. I think this is very much doable give some time. A bit more mass overall by a progressing on your lifts and a lot more on your traps and you’ll look like that cunt in the other pic.

Protein is a bit low especially for during a cut. Maybe try and hit 140ish.

500 calorie cut at your body weight is probably a bit too fast. Smaller deficits directly and indirectly maintain muscle.

Probably should Shrug more often and do other variations e.g. Barbell shrug. Stop shrugging with bitch weight too.

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Thanks a lot for the input, will tweak the rep ranges, progress on those new ranges, up the protein, add some shrug variations and report back in many months with some (hopefully) improvement.

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and up the calories and carbs too. Youre skinny as fuck and need to eat lol.
Fats keep around 70-100 at this point. If you like start a training log on here too.also You dont even need shrugs as a noob, i never do shrugs. Traps get stimulated enough by rows, Overhead presses, deadlifts etc.