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5'10", 285, Order On the Way

Hello Everyone,
I first have read through older posts by the vets. The end of those posts direct you here to the pharma section.
I am 38 years old and probably 70-80lbs over weight. 5”10” 285. I do not go to the gym at all…as you probably guessed from my weight. My issue is… I always feel tired all the time. I started to read and look for answers. I considered low T as a possible reason. I went to a HRT doctor, had blood work done and sure enough I had low T. I know you guys like numbers but I am at work and don’t have them with me. However, the doc said I was one of the lowest he had ever seen. On the blood work I was in the range of having less then what a 65 year old man should have. Needless to say I was prescribed test cyp and HCG. It took a few weeks before I felt much of a difference (which I expected from reading and research). I finished all of the prescribed medicines and can not afford the $170 monthly fee to return. So I made the decision to try and find some on my own. I put in an order for test cyp, HCG and also added clenbuterol as I have read that it is great for losing weight. I am not trying to be Arnold or anything I just want to get in better shape. I also know that I need to eat right and work out. Test or anything else is not some magic cure to muscles and fitness. I had a few questions please.

  1. My doctor had me taking HCG weekly along side the test. I read a long article that “over40” shared a while back that said he disagreed with this method and it should be used at the end. Also the guy I ordered from was out of HCG but he also said I shouldn’t need it until close to the end. I know most people would say listen to a doctor…but something inside me tells me people like all of you that actually use the stuff are better to ask for advice. What are your opinions? Along side or towards the end?
  2. On to the Clen…I have read that it is very strong and I should probably start with a half. My seller agreed start with a half and he also said that it was ok to take with test. Not wanting to just depend on his word, I researched and found others that said it is fine…do you agree?
  3. Last question…I have read winstrol is also used for cutting. I also know that some AS are not meant to be used together. Would any of you add anything extra? Or just stick with the test and Clen?
    Thank you to anyone that answers. I know all of you are big on research. I have read lots of things and also watched lots of videos. The problem is everyone says something different or what they are talking about doesn’t match what you want to take or your situation. I know there are lots of people here who have experience so I wanted to move my research from just reading to interacting with people, asking questions and getting feedback.

Ok, I will be kind with a dusting of cruelty here. It’s for your benefit, I assure you.

Being 70lbs overweight is bad all in its own. But you are adding exogenous testosterone to a body that is carrying a lot of fat. This will undoubtedly increase the rate at which test aromatises to estrogen. That’s very bad. High e2 will make everything you want to accomplish much harder. You did not once mention an AI. If you’re overweight and taking testosterone you will probably end up with high e2 and be miserable, physically and mentally. So before you do anything else make sure you have a way to get your hands on a proper AI.

HCG is prescribed by TRT docs so that the patient’s testes continue to function. If you’re cycling then it’s a different story altogether. I have strong opinions about it, but I don’t know if your plan is to run a cycle or to go on self-prescribed TRT.

You must not take winstrol. It’s for guys who are already very lean. It won’t do anything for you except make your joints hurt and overwork your liver. You are 70lbs overweight. Taking winstrol at your current status is an absolute non-starter.

Clen will make you shed weight quickly. So will eating at a decent deficit. The difference is that one of them is dangerous at your size and the other is healthy. Up to you.


You’re dipping into two separate worlds here, and we, or at least I, don’t quite understand the goal.

You’ve been diagnosed with low testosterone, have poor body composition and no training foundation. You’re bypassing the solution of permanently augmenting your anemic endocrine system and instead diving full-bore into a cycle?

I would not do this. I would hire a personal trainer and lose some weight while working on a financial solution for legit T replacement. You’re only gonna further jack your endocrine system, probably hurt yourself by starting your lifting career in a highly anabolic state with ligaments and tendons that have been doing nothing for a long time … I could go on and on with this one, as I’m sure plenty of people will.

I hope you listen. Good luck, sir. Your primary goal should be proper diet and exercise.

So right out of the gate we need to know what your plans are for the Test. Are you attempting to mimic your TRT without the prescription? If that’s the case then ok…as long as you’re going to be monitoring your E levels because @iron_yuppie is correct that the current amount of fat you’re carrying is going to really increase the rate of aromatization and you certainly don’t want that. In your situation I suspect an AI will be mandatory (and it’s simply a good idea to have some on-hand regardless).
There’s no doubt that Clen will work for you, I question whether you actually need it in this case. You said you don’t currently exercise and I’m willing to bet your diet could use some improvement…At this point simply doing ANY physical exercise and eating a better diet should produce the results you’re lookng for. I would save the heavy artillery (CLEN) for close to the end of your journey (if needed) when those last few pounds are much harder to lose.

Thank you for all of the tips and advice. You were not cruel at all. If that was a “dusting”…I appreciate it.

I guess as far as the test…for now I guess I would just be trying to self prescribe HRT just to get myself to “normal levels” where I should be. The doc said I was one of the lowest he had ever seen. I know it’s possible they say that to a lot of people just to push meds on them but my blood work showed I had less then a 65 year old man should. So for now…I just want to get my levels where they should be so I can maybe just have a little more energy.

The Clen …if you think it is dangerous then I will wait. I just want something for a little extra help. Not looking for magic. Would you recommend even a small dose of Clen or nothing at all?

Lastly, for the AI…if I am just getting my levels to normal…would I still need that? I have read about that before (arimidex and aromasin)… I just figured since the doc didn’t give it to me maybe I didn’t need it. I don’t think that the website I found had any of that but I will look around. Still waiting to see if my order will even arrive or not. I researched for a while and found some good reviews on the site but those are easy to fake.

I really appreciate you taking the time to answer. I have a family and three kids that depend on me. I have let my weight slip some and just want a little help getting back on track. Maybe in a year or so when I feel I am in good shape I will try a cycle. Funny the guy I’m ordering from said everything I ordered was fine and advised I also add Tren ace. But of course he wants to sell stuff. Thank you again so much…really

The doctor was operating under the assumption that you would be a regular TRT patient and as such he was going to be monitoring your bloods (if he was any good at his job). Finding a knowlegable TRT doc can be hit or miss so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that your doc didn’t consider your E levels but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.
The short answer to your question is YES you still need to monitor your T and E levels while on TRT until you at least have them stable, for some guys it can take quite a while to find the sweet spot that delivers maximum benefit.
We’re just trying to keep you safe and informed. Put the Clen away for when you really need it. For now just focus on getting moving and cleaning up your diet. There’s plenty of information on this site to aid you in those respects.

Sorry…just wanted to add the reccomendation to head over to the TRT forums and read some of the stickies over there…look for anything posted by KSman and read read read. If you have trouble getting your T dosage figured out he can and will assist greatly if you ask.

Thanks very much. I appreciate it. At the HRT doc…I didn’t even see the doc at all…there was “underlings” meeting with me. But I appreciate the advice. Thank you

Sounds good…thank you

That’s not a big deal, it’s the same way at my normal DR. as well. I generally see the LNP or LRN and not the doc which is fine by me since they’re both hot.

Ordering steroids from the internet? Not a good idea at all in my opinion. You’re likely to get bunk gear, nothing at all, or a letter from customs telling you they seized your package. None of which are desirable. Reputable sources protect their identity AND yours. They are usually vetted and reviewed by some kind of forum that has no vested interest in who buys from them.

Sorry, but you may get screwed.

Yea…when I made the order I made it knowing there was a possibility. I just can’t afford the doc. I only spent $100. Obviously I don’t want to lose it but if I do it’s not the end of the world. Maybe I will try and get it through a personal source instead (if it doesn’t work out) thanks again to everyone who has responded. I know you guys here the same stories over and over. It’s really cool that you guys still take the time to help others

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