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5'10 200 lbs, 22 Years Old


please critique! and what do you think my body fat is? what do i need work on? and for the body part you think i need work on..what exercises do you suggest i do to better? thanks in advance


here is flexed


bump please


Because you look decent, seem like you know your way around a barbell, and don't look like shit, I'll save you the harassment and gently inform you take a quick peek at the first post in the rate my physique thread and post the requisite pics before asking for a rating


damn, rookie movie. appreciate the heads up. ill post them when i get home in a few hours. thanks again.


back not flexed








diet consists of 300 g of protein, 100-150 carb a day, and ~60 g of fat.

training consists of lifting every other day. cardio days on the day i dont lift. cardio consists of fasted cardio in morning, or hiit, or basketball.

lifting consists of full body workouts. 1 exercise for each body part every other day.


i also bench 360 and squat 500. critique away!




So you take in under 2500 calories per day?? I'm somewhere around your size and I'd starve eating that much.


how much should i be eating? macro wise..


Well, according to your post you eat 2340 in calories per day. But you really haven't specified a goal so it would be hard to tell you how much to eat. Also, once you decide on a goal take the time to estimate your own caloric needs and ask if that number sounds right for your goal.

Asking what should I lift and how much should I eat is only going to get you smart-ass remarks on here.
Do your own homework.


Looking solid.

I would place more focus on shoulders and back. More specifically, trying to widen your shoulders - side laterals, unwinding press, bent over side laterals..

But you are on the right track.

What are your goals??


Sure you do


It's football squats. don't bother


This is the first post of yours that i have ever liked.


Chest and lats stand out as weak points to me.