5'10'' 192Lbs New Pics S.3

Hey i am a 25 years old Danish guy been training for 7 years and i am 100% clean





Very impressive body! Your legs look incredible, especially for a natural!

Solid. Good size, balance… impressive work.


You look great: 7

Thanks guys i have been working alot on my nutrition the last 2-3 years and i can see its working…
so i have been bulking 10kg Since the pictures were taken… and I expect that I will lose 5 kg before summer so my physics should hopefully be better next summer :smiley:

look brawn mate

Look great man. Want to give info on your diet and nutrition??

My diet i made it my self. but i use carb cycling to tear the fat of.
And for bulking up I eat a lot of eggs… :smiley:

[quote]Spidey22 wrote:
Look great man. Want to give info on your diet and nutrition??[/quote]


Yeah dude, it would be really interesting to know your diet in more detail

Yes but I do own my diet and I would of course prefer not out with too many details, but my diet is basically carb cycling and by about 8 meals a day when I need to lose weight.

During the bulk period I run with many of the same principle but no low days.
All training days are high days and all days off are mid-high days (no low days in bulk)
That’s all I want to go out with if i want to know more, it must be a private message

look good, clean and solid!

[quote]kaza26 wrote:
look good, clean and solid![/quote]

Thx mate

Looking good! The rear delts and arms looks good.
Keep up the good work!

this is absolutely 100% dirty.

Impressive. Nice Job Man! Any contests in the future? Lifting stats?

Good base!