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5'10, 182lbs


I carb cycle with my high days on leg days 2x a week, working on these wheels and calfs! I average between 24-26 hundred calories a day, and 32-36 hundred on leg days.






Half ass most muscular, I'll update this one later.


Hey bro, I know you just did your show, and the pics were great (isn't it horrible how quickly you go back to being smooth and pale? -lol). Everything's looking good, and in decent proportions, my only concern are your calves.... definitely need a little more meat over there.



you look pretty dry, nice work.


you pose just like Stu with the "lean back" (Yates?) and "bow legs" lol. Good work.

High lats = place hands above your waist and spread fingers ahead on the front lat spread.

BTW the bow legged pose is a dead give away of insufficient quad sweep, be careful.



Yeah I wanted to crop the front lat spread to only show my legs, apparently I can't use windows vista for shit.

Insufficient quad sweep? Can you elaborate a little please.. I've been hitting my hams/quads seperately on Mon/Thurs and have seen great results the last four weeks.

Thank you!


I've been hitting my calves 3x a week, they will grow to unprecedented proportions by the fall!


Well, I can;t tell your quad sweep properly from that photo. It might be great but I can;t tell.

When a poser rotates his legs outwards -judged by seeing where your teardrop is positioned in the visible area of the quads- almost exposing the hamstrings in a "bow legs" shot, judges usually assume he has poor quad sweep (width, lateralis) and is trying to show his leg "thickness" or depth off as sweep. Not sure if that makes sense.

[quote]Chi-Towns-Finest wrote:

Insufficient quad sweep? Can you elaborate a little please.. I've been hitting my hams/quads seperately on Mon/Thurs and have seen great results the last four weeks.


I'm trying to bring up my sweep as well, sadly they lack a bit due to a back injury that curtailed my squating for over a year. Now I find myself doing a lot of close stance work, trying to really stress the vastus lateralus. I don't know about the bow legged stance as a way of hiding a poor sweep, I do it in an attempt to create more of an 'X' with my lower body, as well as the fact that if I hold my legs straight forward, while they do look pretty thick, they don't appear as wide... I wouldn't over think it.



You have that Franco split in your chest. Cool! You don't see that too much either.


Impressive upper body (side tri is impressive, good lats and chest thickness). Wheels need to come up a bit but it looks like you're already banging away.

Work on rear and side delts, forearms and (as already mentioned) quad sweep. Get to know the hack squat machine if you aren't already.


Thanks for the feedback!

I'll have to throw on a couple more pics this weekend, that way you folks can get a better assessment of my wheels.

Thanks, yeah I was going to ask about my delts. I've been doing rear delts on shoulders and back days, as well as some light cable work on chest days. I thought the medials were okay, it won't be hard for me to add some more lateral work in there.

In addition, should I be focused on back thickness or width? I've been a little more width orientated the last month, and am considering going for thickness. I was reading some of the workouts of some natural pro's and they all seem very focused on thickness.

The studio I train at doesn't have a hack squat machine so I've been banging out barbbell hacks, possibly the most awkward exercise. My quad day looks something like this:

*Note: each exercise is preceded by 1-2 warm up sets.

Front squats 3x8 - 120s rest
Wide Stance Leg Presses 3x6 - 60s rest
Quad Extensions (toes in) 2x8 (Drop sets) - 60s rest
BB Hack Squats 3x10 - 60-90s rest

Follow by calf work, should I consider rotating hacks to the beginning?


I gave you 9 solid looking body. well done.


Thank you very much!


Definitely. Your teardrop is impressive enough that you can focus on other things.

Try some heavy rows. Best of both worlds.


Some updates, stopped being so anal about my calorie intake. I've been keeping 500 calories over maintenance on training days, and hovering about maintenance on off days. I've been keeping my carbs average on off days and taking in a lot of steak, bison, and healthy fats. I've been doing a 5x5 TB program focusing on my strength. You could say I'm cycling my carbs since my intake is higher on training days but overall I've been pretty lax.




Front lat spread