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5'10, 161, Five Years of Lifting



Bench: 305+
Squat: 340
Deadlift: 405+
Press: 205

I get up at 6am everyday and I have a 2 scopes of whey in water or lowfat milk depending if I am gaining weight or cutting.

I have to be in the lab by 6:45 am so no time for a real breakfast unless I want to get up early. Set up my exp by 9am and then get a egg white flatbread from dunken donuts.....then lunch usually footlong from subway then class til 2-3 and I finish up my exp then get home around 4-5....I have another protein shake + an apple then go to the gym....then when I get back I have 2 scopes of whey in water or gatorade. After that its a usual dinner then back to sleep to repeat....


most muscular (how do you attach images here?)


Put proper pictures up if you want to be criticized properly. We can see you really workout for the beach lol. All in good humor.


6.7% bodyfat, you admirin' my jacked fibras?


Super troll.

Jacked fibras? Come on...


seriously take back my posting


you mad?



weekend comedy thread
I actually look forward to these.


This might be stating the obvious, but that's not a most muscular. You're just standing there. Nice weather, though...


The only pecs worth rating are the ones (or one) covered with a green bikini. Put more pics of whoever that is next to you.


Here is a most muscular pose learn from it maybe?


I think the OP is attempting a 'least muscular'. Quite a difficult pose to pull off, apparently. But he does quite well..


Troll or not it's hard to take anyone serious who's first posts are all in RMP.

Stick with MySpace.com. Skinny boys with abs don't impress around here.


haha... beach muscles

A 205 press at 161 is pretty impressive though. If your lift numbers are accurate, I would rate you higher than a 3.


5 years and you've only managed to get lean?


What's your major? Sounds like you've got a pretty packed schedule!


No it isn't, but that's besides the point. That would be impressive if the person was 6'10" 160 or something

This is an obvious troll
Funny nevertheless

Even if this were real, a 3.3 is way too high. Terrible bicep insertions and no development anywhere else. Delts look airbrushed as well.

5 10 160 lol


Ask and ye shall...wish you hadn't.

Here's the 'little' cutie, relaxing with friends.


lol at e-staters. epic failure,

400+deadlift with ABSOLUTELY NO trap development whats so ever. Even the beast awakens has bigger traps. E_statting wont grow ur 5incher bro. Try some jelqing


Oh snap...


Long neck is better than this DBag? ha ha ha