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5'10 145lbs. Ecto 4 Life

I rotate between Bench, Deads, and Squats with variations… almost every day. I do a lot of pull-ups and dips sometimes weighted. Sometimes I go to the boxing gym and do stairmaster, plyos, jump roping, etc. i will not rate myself

max bench: 185
max squat: 275
max dead: around 225 because my grip cant take much more

my goal is to get bigger. i have trouble putting size on all around, i think i need to focus on my arms but i could be wrong.

big legs small glutes

my baby cows


i have a very skinny frame, especially my upper body.

sitting on the toilet, very constipated

If you have a very skinny frame why would you post this? Honestly.

Are you looking to get flamed? Can you not read the other threads? You should delete this, go train for two years correctly and then come back.

You are indeed wrong about needing to focus on your arms. You weigh 145 at 5’10. I weighed more than you when I was in 8th grade. You need to focus on everything. Since you’re having trouble gaining weight add some peanutbutter to your shakes, maybe gulp some type of oil.

Massive eating pt 1

Massive eating pt 2

Read and apply that.


Follow that workout.
If you hit a plateau switch the exercises.

If its a plateau you cant break follow that, and go back to the above workout plan.

You don’t need carb cycling, if nurtient timing isn’t allowing you to get enough calories, fuck it. You need to eat a lot. Keep a food log and get as many calories as was calculated from the articles. It isn’t complicated, so forget all the advanced shit.

After following that come back in 1.5-2 years and have a blast with your compliments.

Until then, NO.

The fact that you have already gone though a cycle, see here http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=2045253
makes me think youre a lazy piece of shit. Your pathetic ass doesn’t look like you’ve touched anything heavier than the remote and you start injecting yourself with drugs. Sorry dick, there isn’t a magic pill.

After reading that thread, I honestly hope that you’re a troll. I can’t really comprehend how someone could be that stupid and still manage to wipe their own fucking ass. Apparently from your pictures you do indeed have trouble feeding yourself. You may want to consider an assisted living community to help you get your fork to your mouth, or make sure your retarded ass doesn’t get hit by a bus. If youre this dumb on the internet, I can only imagine what youre like in real life.


Great photos. I can’t see shit.

i havent already done a cycle defekt. i just begun one… and i will apply that ws4sb and eating tips at the same time. i should have proper PCT soon. i should continue to learn and see good gains. i am not a lazy bastard at all. im gonna start studying ws4sb and apply it to my next workout. but thanks for the tips…

heres a pic from 2 months ago… you can see how much skinnier i was then! i am making progress


Focus on food and training.

Seriously? I’m happy that you posted goals but a cycle? REALLY?


Boxer, I don’t think you’re even a true ecto. You are skinny right now but you’ve obviously gained some mass so you’re moving in the right direction. Forget about cycling steroids for now. Concentrate on eating big and eating clean. WS4SB is a great program but like any other program it’s only as effective as the effort YOU put in to it. Keep the intensity high during your workouts and keep them short and sweet. A workout compromised of compound movements should last under an hour and still manage to fatigue you completely when done right. Take a workout shake with you (whey, fast carbs and creatine) and sip it while you lift. Then, have another one right after. Don’t forget to eat some slow digesting protein and fats before bed (cottage cheese and casein powder with natural PB is good).

Most importantly, take advantage of the knowledgable people on this site. You’ve already started off on the wrong foot but you’ll be surprised at how helpful we can be if you just show that you’re willing to learn and actually apply some of the advice in a logical and consistent manner. Body composition changes don’t happen overnight. Accept that you’re in this for the long haul, keep the intensity high, and you will succeed in achieving your goals.

You people need to quit giving multi paragraph responses to these posts. The beginners post in here, with claims of being hardgainers, and posting blurry, yellow pictures of quality that a little kid would be ashamed of.
Then you throw out the same recycled bullshit advice of eat big and clean, eat fish oil…blah blah blah

What I’m saying is, don’t spoon feed these beginners, there are multiple beginner threads, and all the info is there. This rate my physique section has gone to hell with 13 year olds posting pics, as well as guys with blurry cameras in their bathroom.

Flame these types, don’t dignify them with multi paragraph responses, unless its somebody witha real physique searching for some serious critique…

A little color-correction goes a long way when you camera is a POS. Now my eyes don’t burn as bad.

dont do a cycle just eat more… a cycle for u will prolly be a waste of money

I say you need a few cycles in you, pronto.

lift heavier and don’t bench every other day. Same with curls. Go heavy, hit other body parts and eat like a god damn third world child at an american buffet.

Starting a cycle just means your a freakin’ idiot. And I hope that your a troll otherwise you deserve to 150 with some bitch ass gyno.

Also, did it ever occur to you to read some articles on the actual site before you blindly start a forum???

[quote]LankyMofo wrote:
I say you need a few cycles in you, pronto.[/quote]

i think its funny dont get me wrong, but he will take you seriously. we’ve had him in the AAS board for a little while and trust me, he will take you seriously.