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5'10", 128 Pounds. Considering Taking Test and HgH

I weight 128 pound and I’m 5,10. I’m 28 turning 29. I’m trying to see if Anyone can guide me in taking test or HgH . I have a friend that’s suggest “

Test Ethanate should be your first cycle. 3
Months. Take 1 month off and then do the HGh”.

let me know if you recommend anything or better advice . My appetite suks as well. But I do eat clean and good meals .

128 lbs and you think you need Test and Hgh? The best advice anyone is going to give you is take that money you would waste on “Supps” and invest in food.


This is extremely light and while you probably dont think so, the main issue is your calorie intake. This is the first thing you need to address instead of gear.

Not trying to be a dick here, but your friend is very ignorant in these matters and you shouldnt listen to him. You have NO Business taking HGH.

I would recommend:

Test Enanthate: 0mg
HGH: 0mg
Carbs: 400g
Protein: 200g
Fats: 75g


Instead of HGH go for RIB EYE.

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There are people in AIDS hospices that weigh more than you at that height. You are a solid two years away from even thinking about steroids. Everyone is going to tell you to learn how to eat. There’s a reason they’re saying that. And no, “I have a shitty appetite” is not a good excuse. Guys have bad appetites and still manage to force down 5,000+ calories a day. Lay out your diet and your macros here. I bet you’ll get 10 good, actionable ideas before the sun rises on Monday.

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lol. he needs to start by adding in fats 2tbsp evoo in all meals, pb, avocados, cream rice cereal, fruit dried, nuts, fat meats, salmon,steak,eggs etc… i found adding fats with a weak appetite is the easiest on your gut. I did this for awhile but now I need more so im just going to add more calories in general. eating about 5 times day simple.

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When I was 180 and trying to get to 200 I ate 2 pbj’s every day, heavy on the pb. It absolutely helped.

What’s your training history? There is no substitute for consistent training. Without that steroids won’t do much.

You sound like you have a fast metabolism , and a thin frame. If I were in your situation, I might try MK 677, a growth hormone secretagogue. It stimulates your own production of GH. It will increase your appetite, whilst avoiding belly fat.
The stuff tastes disgusting but it should help.

That is an understatement IMO. It’s probably the worst thing I’ve tasted aside from a time which I syphoned gas and got it in my mouth. If you can find a good source with pills it is worth the extra money.

The worst thing I’ve ever tasted has to be Red yeast rice in powder forum…

Gotta get that monacolin K!!! (Lovastatin)

You guys thanks for advice . :pray: positive or negative.

If i where you i would take the money you where going to spend on gear and hire a coach that can make you a solid meal plan and workout regiment, a decent one that will do follow ups and change you plans as needed as you progress.

I have been using a coach for 3 months now, since the corona started and ive made some great progress, imo its money well spent!

I think you will be surprised how much you can achieve with the right amount of food and quality training in a decent amount of time.

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