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51 YR Old on TRT. 150mg/Wk Enough? Need Anything Else?

Hello All,

I am 51 187 lbs I have been training most of my life. I am only 14% BFI and can still bench 315. I started having symptoms of low T not long ago. I decided to see an Endo for treatment. Because my T count was 305 they could not treat me (300 or below) I do have to admit I went in hoping for a little help in the gym as well and not just in the sack. They did however recommend me to an Anti Aging clinic.

Long story short, saw the Doc there and put me on 150mg a week Test Cyp…3 shots of 50cc. My question is this enough at my age to notice additional gains of strength and size, not to big just a little more as I am not to shabby for my age. Also, should they have prescribed additional meds?? Should I be taking something else …HCG etc. Can I take a little Winnie safely?? Thank you for your responses…Mike

Not an expert but I can speak of my own experience. I suspect you will see some recomping, loss of body fat and some increase in LBM, but nothing drastic. Personally, I think three shots a week is a hassle. Most recommend twice a week but I just shoot 140mg on Wednesdays and am done with it.

After a few weeks, six in my case, you should get a blood test and have your E2 checked - estrogen. If it is elevated, they should give you an AI to prevent the T from converting to E. You should also have your hematocrit checked and plan on donating blood in the future.

If you want to keep the boys the same size, or you still want to have kids, you should get on Hcg. If it’s not an issue, don’t bother. Hcg has to be mixed properly, and refrigerated, and it’s two or more shots per week on top of the T (you can probably shoot them together, but some will disagree with this). If it’s not worth the hassle, don’t bother.

I’m sure I missed something but there are others that will weigh in.

Good luck.

Always glad to see another old guy! I’m 54 and I feel like most guys on this forum are really young. I’m also no expert, but I’ll echo the previous poster. I’ve been on trt 3 months. I haven’t noticed huge gains in the gym. Muscles seem harder and more defined. Mostly body recomp. The biggest blessing is I can eat like a teenager without gaining fat! I’ve probably added 1,000 cals to my diet recently without gaining one ounce of fat. As a matter of fact, I’m actually leaner than I’ve been in 25 years.

Hi, I’ll give you a real old guy’s experience… I’m 65 and have lifted all my life. For 50 years anyway. Fifteen years ago I started on a TRT replacement plan and it has worked out great. I take 300mg of test cypionate divided into 3 doses. Some say that you should spread out your dose to avoid a crash and they are correct yet there is another reason to consider. It the peak level of test in your blood that will greatly influence the degree of aromatization to estrogen. For that reason its good to divide your doses even if on a singular dose you don’t feel a crash.

I do take anastrozole to keep the aromatization in check. I take .25 mg daily. My E2 stays around 18. I also take 250iu’s of HCG 3 days per week to keep the boys from getting too small.

By all means pay strict attention to your hematocrit. Giving blood will certainly help to keep that in check but you can only give whole blood every 8 weeks legally otherwise you have to have a prescription for a therapeutic phlebotomy. Your hematocrit will rebound much quicker than every 8 weeks.

Hope this helps

@GeorgeCulp. Do you inject in three divided doses because of the relatively high level of T your using weekly? I’m in between, I inject 200mg/week in two divided doses. Do you think it’s worthwhile for me to inject three times per week? I’m also injecting subQ which is supposed to allow for a more steady release.

Thank you for all the responses. I will talk to my Ends and see what she will suggest as far as an AI and HcG. I am done having kids as i was cut long ago. I don’t think my boys can be any smaller than what i was born with…lol. Was wonder if any you older guys use winnie as a an extra push for strength. I have always eaten clean and trained hard. “Minimum effort will only get minimum results”