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50ml Vial, Filter and Transfer to 10ml Vials


I'm about 1/2 through a 50ml bottle of Test-E. I've had this jug a while, and expect to have it for a long time to come. Over the fast few weeks, I have noticed small "floaters" appearing in the liquid. As I pre-warm the liquid (Coffee mug warmer), when I draw, I simply wait a few seconds for the to drift to the bottom when inverted.The floaters are from the rubber stopper after repeated jabbing in the same area, and not from bad liquid.

The question I have is, what is the best method of transferring this liquid to 10ml bottles, and straining out the rubber floaters.



Do not know. But a fine needle will not pickup those particles, unless very fine.

But it sounds like you are using large needles. Many here are injecting with #29 1/2" 50iu insulin needles. Draw up and inject with same needle. Do not do backfills. See advice for new guys and protocol for injections sticky.

You do not need to do deep muscle injections. With 1/2" you can do IM or SC. SC is better as it avoids decades of muscle damage.