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50mg Tren A EOD with Test E, EQ

Looking to take tren for the first time and wondering if 50 MG tren A EOD is enough to even feel results from it? Trying to go easy first time to see how i respond, will be stacking with test E and EQ.

If your gear properly dosed great results will come from 200 mg/wk of Tren. However — for less side effects, more stable levels and mood you need to pin every day. To make it easy 30 mg every day. EOD just really isn’t enough


appreciate the advice, when you see EOD isnt really enough is that to keep the levels up in your system? or not enough overall.

I don’t think you would get less gains per day, but you would be more unstable which almost always caused more side effects. I also have read a few instances of people having no libido on Tren ace running it EOD but having great libido when switching to ED so something to think about. If you don’t want to pin often use Tren E

50 eod comes out to 175, not 200… 50/2*7=175

Brain fart, you’re right

Very common mistakes in dosing