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50lbs Bench Increase!


10/6/11 max bench 175 x 7....1/28/12 max bench 225 x 7

Feels good to get stronger!


Nice, how'd you do it?


bench about twice a month going 5 x 8-10 rep range. So lift a weight where 8 is really hard and go balls out and when you get to 11 increase the weight. You start heavy as it gets and drop weight from there.


sounds like noob gains.


what about the rest of the month

what about diet

accessory lifts


your post is incomplete. some newb might think you actually only benched twice a month.


Fair enough this is phase 1

I workout with one of my best friends. He was an assistant strength coach with Tennessee(got his masters in it) and interned as a strength coach with the Bengals.....yea....best partner you could ever wish for.

Goals: Get as athletic and strong as possible

This is "phase 1" we are doing each workout 12 times. We workout Tues and Thurs ever week and on Sat we go outside and do agility work/sprints/football routs for some "cardio"

Everything is written down. We cannot graduate to new weight until we beat the prescribed rep ranges. Workouts are in order prescribed.

Workout 1:
Close Grip Bench 4 x 10-15 (once you beat 15 you go to the next weight)
Chin ups max and three weighted negatives
Hammer Jammer 3 x 8
DB Rows 4 x 10
Push ups Max Reps x 2
Supine Leg Raises 3 x 15
DB Lunges 2 x 20 each
Finisher is Shuttles

Workout 2:
Deadlift 5 x 8
Leg Press 4 x 12
Sit ups 5 x 20
Calf Raises SL 3 x 15
Box Jumps 4 x 8
Bridges 3 x 45sec.
Finisher is shuttles

Workout 3:
Bench 5 x 8-10
Pull down 4 x 12-15
DB incline 3 x 10
Calf Raises Double 3 x 15
DB Row 3 x 15
45lbs plate hold for time x 2
Finisher is broad jumps 3 times for 20 yards

Workout 4:
High Pulls 4 x 6
DB clean and Jerk 4 x 8
Squats 2 x 20 (this is a bitch)
DB Hammer Curl 3 x 15
Tricep Press 4 x 10
Finisher Squat Jumps 5 x 3


Phase 2 is strength phase and is as follows:

Workout 5:

Pull Ups
3 x max

Dips (weighted)
3 x 8
DB Row
3 x 8

Cybex shoulder press
2 x 8-10

DB Shrugs
2 x 15

Scull Crushers
2 x 12-15

DB Bench
2 x 8


Workout 6:

DB Lunges
2 x 10

Leg Press
3 x 10

DB Standing calf
3 x 12

3 x 10

Stability Ball DB Squat five sec down and five sec up
2 x 8

Stability Ball Hip Thrust
1 x 20


Workout 7 "Intense":

3 x 6-8

4 x 6

Hammer Combo pull/press
3 x 8-10

Box Squat
2 x 15



I have had workout spurts over the years but I would consider my current gains in strength to be that of a person new to it. I have gone from 205 to 219 from when I started workout out in october to now as well with no change in diet or waist size.


so, what IS your diet?



Started Paleo April of last year. Read several books and studies over why to eat this way and how and did it. I went from 265 down to 205 fiance went from a size 16 to a size 8 in 10 months time. Love the food and I have been getting great gains while eating this way. Did VAP blood work to see how the numbers are working in the blood and it was great.


now that's the whole answer.

glad you found something that worked for you. kudos for being committed enough to see it through.


Working out for 5 months give or take.

Pull up max went from 4 to 11

Deadlift max 315 x 1 to 345 x 6

I am getting crazy gains because of how new I am to this and am starting to really try to get 10lbs extra in a lift. I have leaned to write down everything I do in the gym. How I eat affects me in dynamic ways such as carbing up for a nasty workout and fasting as well. Been a very fun trip!


Lucky you.


she is working her way to a 6 as I write this down. She also just started roller derby....can't wait to see her in the track!


i wish i could add 50lbs to my bench press :-/


It has been years the last time I did true bench...like 05' long ago so the gains are newb gains for sure. From here on out it is going to be a bit of a grind to up the weight.