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505 Raw Bench press


I have been doing Mike Tuchscherer's Reactive Training System program and gained about 30 pounds on my raw bench press in 7 weeks! Here is a video of my session yesterday. The 505 is a PR:


impressive, great job tunamonkey.


Awsome lift. You give a guy like me inspiration. I also love how you did that almost flat backed.


Damn good lift. Excellent job. Nice progress as well over the last 7 weeks.


Well done, great benching




Great job, that is very impressive, care to elaborate on the program?


colossal lift man. Impressive.


Thank you-the program involves basically doing whatever Mike T tells me to do every week! Basically heavy benching 4 times a week; lots of board work and paused benching.


Ensiferum in the background? Nice lift!


Great lift.


Pretty crazy that you hit 505 right after hitting 500. Nice work, that's a helluva milestone.


awesome lift.


I would love to train at a gym that plays folk metal...
Crazy lift man


Very impressive strength and raw form. I also like the fact that you held yourself from putting the good old big plate on the bar just for looks, the vast majority of us just can't help ourselves.


real impressive! Looks like you had more in you aswell!


real impressive! Looks like you had more in you aswell!