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505 No Hands High Bar Squat

I know this is dumb but I’m pretty happy and impressed my self with it haha. Haven’t ever dome these lol.

I was supposed to do an RPE 8 for 6 reps on the SSB. But about 8 people were squatting in the mono and didn’t feel like waiting for them to finish. So figured I’d do high bar squats to keep my bicep happy. Around 325 I started feeling my bicep and elbow any way so just said screw it and dropped my hands all together. No bicep pain haha


I did no hands SSB squats as a warm up to yoke walks on Saturday and for a split second I thought about doing a straight bar.

I couldnt work out an exit strategy if the bar shifted so I decided I’m not crazy enough to try them yet haha

Nice work, try not to become addicted haha

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Are you trying to compete with Koklyaev? He squatted more than you with no hands but you did it for reps, I’m not sure which is better.

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Lol I figured if anything it would be easier to dump the bar this way since usually my shoulders so shitty I can’t get my hands off the bar if it falls ha. With that being said these are MUCH harder than a SSB with no hands.

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Lol not trying to compete with anyone and especially not on his level any time soon ha.