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505 Deadlift for 7 Reps at 195


new PB guys Im delighted :smiley: watch it in fullscreen and HD because otherwise the quality is crap haha
Like my fb vid!



What powerlifting fed allows straps?


What powerlifting fed requires 7 reps?


true that, I wasnt even thinking about that!

The org I compete in is the IPO(irish powerlifting organisation), and in my class the records are terrible haha, 217.5kg is the deadlift record in my class, the junior under90kg raw class..that goes all the way up to 100kg!

Straps dont make me lift any more vs chalk on my max deadlift, but I'm not sure about something like this for 7 reps, I will have to redo it without straps!!


Its just a vid I made...obviously in my comp on Sunday I'll be doing one rep...going for 280kg/290kg ish(630lbs-652.5lbs)


Looks strong man, good luck on Sunday. Let us know how it goes and post vids if you can.


thanks rock! I will do :slight_smile:


This is awesome, straps or not. I can't seem to break 475 lbs--I get my 6 but can never initiate the 480. I have trouble off the floor mostly.

Love vids like this, keep them coming.


finally some good feedback haha

thanks a lot guys, check out my other vids on facebook! Il be sure to get more up, and will get footage of me winning the IPO champs on sunday :smiley:

Ordered an Overkill bench shirt which should be here in a few weeks going to get videos of that for sure can't wait to see what I can push in it!


someone asked for a vid of my max which I wont have until my comp on sunday, but hese a vid of an easy 260kg-580lbs(6plates a side), I took last deadlift training session



The question I have is why are you doing so much volume 3 days out from your meet? I usually don't lift at all for the week going into the meet but that's just me.


have they fixed the fucking uneven floor in the rack downstairs in that poxy gym!ha. nice deadift


yeah I shouldnt but just really wanted to. lol


which gym? the nuim gym or the intel gym?