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502 Pounds. I Can Press That.

[quote]GOTOSLEEP wrote:


  1. No you can’t.

  2. I can see why they banned the press. He used a little knee bend and jounced the bar off his chest by bending backward and then throwing his torso forward at the start of the lift (not to mention a quick jerk of his torso backward to improve leverage through the sticking point). The effect is the same as a push press. But even with the jerking and leg drive, that is freaking amazing.

Very slight push press, but that is just beyond what any normal human can do. And if you ask me, he was much stronger than alexeev if you look at the two lifts side by side!!!

my favorite part is that the 502 is so light to him that he overpulls the clean and it comes crashing down on him

insane power.


[quote]eic wrote:

  1. No you can’t. [/quote]

Congrats on comprehending facetiousness.

Hip drive is legal for the press. I didn’t see any knee bend.

Insane lift.