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502 Lb Clean and Press


I like how he presses the weight up.


This, to me, was and maybe still remains the greatest display of pure Olympic lifting strength ever shown. Serge Reding was a phenomenally strong athlete. I know Alexeev lifted 5 pounds more that same meet to beat him, but Alexeev used far more back arch and technique. The great Russian himself admitted Reding was stronger, and in training apparently did even more impressive lifts than this one. But the Russian had a knack for outsmarting and outpsyching his competition.

But although Reding is gone, he is not forgotten. I believe he was the first man to snatch 400 as well, and I remember seeing it on television, it was as pure and smooth as this clean and press.             Doc


No leg drive, that was sick!!!


yeah so.... wow. No jerk at all, just pure military press. I don't know if ill be able to do that, i only have 2 testicles.



pretty cool to see the old school lifts


Man that's awesome.


I guess I'm not man after all.


best lift ever


Can anyone here other than Dr. PowerClean name the third man who officially pressed over 500lbs? Bonus points if you know the exact weight.


Chuck Norris.


Ken Patera


Ken Patera Bummer you beat me


Ken Patera 505 1/2


best lift ever

I gotta agree!!!!!


That's amazing, but I'm more amazed by KingKRS's avatar.

T-Nation needs a video section.


I wish they bring the clean and press back...


There is some form of the clean and press in just about every strongman comp


how does your back not snap from doing this?


Yeah, but that's not a 1RM thing. It's more of an as-much-you-can-do-in-X-seconds thing.


sometimes they do a one rep max on the ifsa strongman comps. havent seen others.