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500x20 Deadlift


Unfortunately this isn't me. But how the fuck do you get this strong?


not to mention that not only is he damn good, but hes really tall too. he is 6 foot 7 and 285-295 lbs



Damn, he's a giant. That 20 rep set looked like all back, too. Impressive.


that was also double overhand.... he's a monster


"But how the fuck do you get this strong?"

1) Great genetics.
2) Adequate nutrition.
3) Appropriate training regimen.
4) Haul ass.

Most people will NEVER be that strong because of lifestyle/life position and genetics. NEVER!


FTFY. I'd believe it.


....with straps....


I think he meant the 820 which is hook gripped


That would make more sense...It's safe to say I feel like an idiot now, right?


Holy Crap!!! He needs to put his workouts on this site.


i definitely did not think the guy in the first video was the same guy as the second? jesus, in the second video he just looks impossibly tall. i'm like 5' 4" though so... well, i'm biased i suppose. regardless, that's some intense shit.


saw his vids about a month ago......one strong guy, and long limbed bastard as well.


shit, he looks suuuuuuuper tall in that vid. very impressive lift.


Did he play any sport[s]? He's built like an athlete as opposed to your traditional powerlifter.




I thought I recognized one of the guys in the background of the video then the video title confirmed it. They're throwing a meet this weekend but I wasn't planning on going, not sure if its their big one or not but maybe I should go check it out after all.


Sorry if that was vague or sounded like an insult to powerlifters. I meant with his build [very tall, long arms, broad shoulders, lean] he looks like he played DE or small forward before gaining mass. You generally don't see many powerlifters his size with his build.


Thats my boy Vincent Urbank, does strongman and PL, focusing more on PL these next few months, trying to break some records then get back in the swing of strongman. Hes about 6'7", Im 6'5" and hes got me by a few inches. I dont THINK he played anything, I know hes a military guy though, he is a MONSTER! Right now I think hes training out of FL.


Didn't think you were insulting anyone, I was just confused as to what made you think "athlete" when you saw him.

What's his max?