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500x1 Deficit Deadlift *Fast*


Coming back 7 months of injuries. I tore my biceps femoris (hamstring tendon) off the bone at the beginning of march. Was told would be 6 months before i could begin training legs again. Then may 18th i crashed on my motorcycle and spiral fractured my left arm in 4 places. Which aurgically repaired is full of metal.

Sept 5 i was cleared to begin lifting without restriction. During my down time i got deep tissue on my torn hamstring and broken arm every week. Happy to say i have full range of motion and essrntially pain free in day to day activites. fast forward to oct 17, here we are.


That’s awesome bro! Made that 500 look like 135.


Feels good to be getting everything back so quickly. Going for a 600 squat monday


Sweet god.

What’s your training look like? Congrats on the recovery and will await your name in deadlift record books.


Steve Goggins does my programming near meets. I did 600 from a deficit after that, just was slower than i wanted

I was very close to an 800 pull in early 2014. Hopefully get back on track now. Ive been off everything for nearly a year as well