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500mg/Wk. 18 Days In, No Androgenic Results

So, long story short I was prescribed TRT by my doctor (Nebido 4ml every 3 months). After almost 9 months on it, my blood test showed that my testosterone remained practically the same 9 nmol/L, and the symptoms didn’t get better. I got tired of this, my doctor kept telling me to wait a bit more but I couldn’t wait any longer so I hopped on 500mg of Testosterone Cypionate per week (I’m into bodybuilding as well, so hey, might as well). It has been 18 days since my first shot, and the only improvement that I have been seeing is an increase in morning wood (not everyday), which is a plus since I haven’t had one for years. On this dose, I read that I should be getting super horny, multiple random erections, etc… but it is not the case. Is it normal that I’m not experiencing these androgenic effects yet? Maybe it’s too early?
Thanks in advance

Lol it’s only been 18 days

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I looked like broc lessener by day 4. Your gears probably fake


Yeh mate was unsure so I asked.
Glad that it’s too early, thought that I might be immune to this or something.
I was confused because I’ve read that these effects should come first, mass and strength gains after, that’s why it got me thinking. But yeh main focus is androgenic effects.

Also note that I’m taking 250mg twice a week, not once of 500mg, to anyone who might ask

But all gear is fake if you don’t look like mr Olympia after 2 weeks.

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Wouldn’t particularly matter in terms of results mate, 1x/2x wk. at 500mg… you’ll get results

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As I stated, not really concerned or speaking about gym-related results.
I’m more interested in the effects that I mentioned in the post.
Im not expecting to see any mass gains by week 2 lol im not an idiot

My libido, so far, skyrockets a week after starting a cycle. Usually after my first shot my wife is like “when are your steroids going to hit? I’m waiting for all the sex”. Then by week 4 she says, “we’re having too much sex and I can’t handle it anymore”.

But everyone is different.

I’m concerned with:

Do you mean to say that you only take one shot of 1000mg of test every 3 months??? Or is the dosage split up to something like 1cc (250mg) every 3 weeks? Either way that’s like 83mg/week which seems like a pretty low dose. Not sure why your doctor thinks that your test results will improve after trying the same thing for 9 months.

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It’s testosterone undecanoate

I don’t quite agree with the dosage intervals (and overall dosages) employed by the medical community with regard to this form of esterified testosterone, but the duration of action is far longer than that of most formations of test

Yeah, I saw that the half life was 3 months :astonished:. But 1g every twelve weeks seems awfully low. And with the long ester chain, what is the actual amount of testosterone hormone you’re receiving in that 1g dose?

Half life isn’t actually 3 months, it’s closer to 16-35 days depending on the type of oil it’s suspended in/site of administration

With the long ester (don’t remember exactly) but you’re probs getting about 60mg/100mg

Avg male produces between 5-15mg/day (so theoretically… though this doesn’t pan out due to individualistic metabolism, elimination, site bioavailability etc of the drug) the avg male wouldn’t produce between the equivalent of 50-150mg test e/c/wk)

I’d say between 1-200mg/wk equivilent (test E/C) is a good reference point as to what a healthy young male in his prime would produce

This is surprisingly what the general populace thinks

I recall these girls within my family arguing over the physique over this guy (not a big guy. Like me but at 4% bf)… so you could say skinny ripped/ extremely athletic looking

And I pointed out the guy was on steroids, a very strict diet and dehydrated and they were like “he isn’t on steroids” and proceed to pull up a picture of like… markhuhl ruhl or something and say “steroids make you look gross, THIS is steroids”.

I proceed to laugh and explain one of mankind’s biggest and best kept secrets, how many guys are actually on steroids, they were astonished, but convinced… asked if I’d ever used steroids to which I was like “you know they’re serving excellent mashed potatoes” and went to get some mashed potatoes

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Yeh I’ve read that libido increases very quickly, that’s why I asked.
I guess either I have to wait a bit more, OR I need something like tren lol…

Response is individualistic, some get raging libido… some don’t.

You don’t need tren unless you’re competing and/or making a living off showcasing you’re physique

If you decide to use tren regardless, fine, that’s you’re choice made as a (hopefully) educated individual in relation to the risks/how to mitigate risks… but it’s certainly not a requirement and generally isn’t considered ideal for first timers

Can it be done? Sure… can you drive a Ferrari the first time you ever decide to hop in the drivers set of a vehicle? Sure, but the chances of spinning out or crashing are exponentially higher with such an exotic vehicle

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Wasn’t being serious on hopping on Tren, I just know that it has strong androgenic effects and they get me interested.
I mainly started taking testosterone for sexual performance, etc… bodybuilding related goals were second.
That is why I m so interested in these effects…

Is your issue specifically libido (the desire to have sex), or erectile dysfunction? Since you’re getting morning erections I suspect the former is the problem. It might not be a testosterone issue at all, since at 500 mg/wk you should be way above a normal testosterone level. It might be a psychological issue; have you considering seeing a sex therapist?

Both to be honest. By morning erections I mean I got like 2 in a total of 2 weeks.

I guess what Ill do is at week 5, ill take a testosterone blood test and see which levels I’m at. If I’d be in the higher end I guess the problem wouldn’t be testosterone.

I don’t put much stock in nocturnal erections being a benchmark for any kind of libido for what it’s worth. Sure it lets you know that you don’t have physical ED issues. However I’ve always had strong desire and never noticed much nocturnal erections / morning wood.

The whole Nebido thing is a massive scam. Its test decanoate has a halflife of two weeks (as you’d expect with that ester) . . . . big pharma like it cos its cheap to make, and in the absence of contradictory research, they’re selling it to docs with the recommendation it can be pinned every 3 months.

Docs buy into this (some of them) cos docs aren’t always smart, ethical, nor can be bothered with seeing their patient every week.

500mg of real test ? i’d expect to gain 4lb of water mass within the first two weeks.and have monsterous appetitie

Half life can be 3-4 wks supposedly dependent on oil the substance is suspended in… however you want relative stability, not 3-5 half lives between each shot lol. Duration of therapeutic action isn’t 12-15 wks lol