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500mg v 750mg and the Strength Differences


I have a deadlift competition coming up, I only have access to Test e, Liquidex, d-zine and s-drol.

Last cycle was 500mg a week for 10 weeks and I did gain well, but it was to test stuff out.

This deadlift competition I would like to do well, but I dont want to inherit a bunch of sides for no gain.

I guess the question is, will I get MUCH stronger on 750 than I would 500?
The other option is 500mg a week with pro hormones.

I am 293lbs and my target for the comp is to deadlift 727lbs if that gives you some perspective about my size.


You would be better off health-wise just doing a gram of testE than fucking with superdrol. The over the counter designer steroids like superdrol are known to cause far worse sides than black market gear, that shit trashes your liver. Exemestane is a better AI than liquidex both in terms of getting the job done and health-wise so I suggest you switch to that if you plan on using an AI.


Thanks for the tips. Those things aside, is the strength gain from a larger T dosage going to warrant the sides?


Wasn't it Louie Simmons that said "take what you want to total"???


Yeah you prob won't see bad sides on a gram of test, especially if you run an AI with it. Most people do not have any problems with test AFAIK.


Its deadlift only, so does mean if I take 800mg I will deadlift 800?


I think the guy they interviewed in the 'steroids forever' article said that. I'm not saying he's the only one to have said it, or that Louie Simmons hasn't said it, just that thats where I remember hearing it.

In the 'getting schooled Westside' article Louie admitted to have used steroids constantly for (don't quote me on this) circa 20 years and said he mainly used anabolic's like EQ and laurabolon (a brand of deca I believe) then said he used 'harder' androgens (I'm guessing like anadrol and tren) leading up to competitions.

Hope you're well BTV!



I think (at least my interpretation of the above statement) was that guys who want to total 2500 will run that type of dose weekly for the majority of the year, each year.


I would go 750 with adex to control E and maybe use some Dbol to. 750mg of Test E hits a sweet spot with me and I got up to my heaviest weight (only 230LB) using 750mg of test only. Upping the dose to 1000mg didn't seem to make that much difference, but the increase from 500 to 750 did. I suppose to at least a small degree this is an individual thing so you may need to experiment slightly.

Good luck in your competition!


Some people dont get any sides on 1g of test with no ancillaries. And some people destroy their bodies with 250mg.

Some people dont get THAT strong on either 500 or 750mg. Your question has too many variables to be answerable.

I dont see a problem with superdrol. It will certainly get you very nice strength gains. Use it intelligently and it shouldnt be a problem. Superdrol isnt a prohormone, it's not as 'unknown' as many of the other things sold on the internet.

Im guessing you wont find value in this post, so here. You said you 'gained well' on 500mg. You will gain 'better than well' on 750. There ya go.


You may be right...I know that someone said it! haha...whether they were just being cheeky or not is debatable, but I think we can safely assume that the elite are on a tad more than 500 mg/week!

If I'm not mistaken, Louie has admitted to being "on" since he was in his 20's...he is 60 something now, so that is quite a long blast/cruise..lol

I'm doing well mate, thanks. Hope you are as well!


More test = more strength. Whether or not the sides justify it is entirely down to your own personal response to gear. If you run an AI properly then you should be able to easily handle a gram of test per week at that bodyweight and I can gaurantee you'll notice a significant difference over 500mg per week strength wise.


I say go with tren. On 200 mg/wk tren e and 600mg/wk test I close grip benched 315 for 3 reps... im 6'1 205