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500mg Test E Per Week First Cycle, Big Gains

Just started my first cycle 13 days ago, and the results seem super high.
250mg Test-E 2x per week.
250ui HCG 2x per week.
12.5mg Exemestane on Test injection days.
Age = 41
Weight = 186.8 - - > 198.4
Body Fat % = 12.7 - - > 13.8
Body water % = 63.1 - - > 62.3

From what I read the big gains don’t come in till week 4+, is this normal? Will this slow down? I have 71 more days on cycle, surely this can’t stay at the same rate or increase right? I would be a monster at the end if it does. Strength gains at the gym are already adding plates.

You add a lot of water and glycogen right off the bat. Results level off at some point, but it varies by individual. As long as you’re eating big you’ll see big gains.

Thanks for the reply, wife is already looking at me like what’s going on at the gym, lol. She will figure it out I assume.

IMO, your wife should know about this before hand. My wife would be rightfully pissed if I made a decision like this without her input.

Luckily she supports my decisions, and my use is conservative. I would loose support as soon as I went to high dosages. She wants me around for a little longer I guess.

Lol, she won’t be bent out of shape about it. She will be washing her panties on my stomach at the end I’m sure.

Up to you… I would tell her if it is me. I mean if you don’t think she will be bent out of shape about it, why haven’t you told her yet?

I’ve had some killer pip on the first 2 quad injections, the 3rd doesn’t seem as bad is this the gear or technic/virgin muscle?

Kinda wanted to blow her mind, I was at 230lb when we met in our early 20’s, did bloods pre cycle and realized I have low free T, decided to do a blast then consider TRT from there.

I am on self administered TRT (cruise), and on a blast now 325 mg test per week 50 mg anavar a day.

I think you need to add some weight to your decisions. I started off on doctor prescribed TRT for about a year (was expensive and was a bunch of hoop jumping), so I went self administered. I had low TT and FT on three tests in a row. I thought about TRT for about a year before doing it. Because it is a BIG decision. Treat this as a big decision. Think about it for some time. Talk to your wife about it.

This is where everyone gets mentally fucked and messes with me big time in my first two cycles. I put on ~12-15lbs in the first 3-4 weeks, then the weight gain slows a ton. I started to wonder what was going on, etc. As iron said, you first put on water and glycogen weight, some fat as well if you upped your diet for the cycle. The muscular gains come slower than that, and take longer. Hang in there!

Diet is way up, can’t eat enough to stay full. Trying to eat clean but some times that lemon cake won’t shut up, lol. She mentioned the low t to me because my libido has been suppressed for quite some time now, she just doesn’t know I acted on it, she is suspicious I’m sure do to me wanting it twice a day this week. Wish I would have looked into this year’s ago, there has always been such a bad stigma attached to steroids that I always shyed away from them.

After lots of research it is apparent that they can be used safely if you follow the strict protocols.

I’m going to agree with everyone that you should’ve broached this decision with your wife before you started. I discussed it at length with mine before starting and was probably the smartest thing I’ve ever done. But you’re an adult and can make your own decisions.

Regarding weight gain: I gained tons of weight on the starts off my cycles and after a while they stalled. The first cycle I kept increasing the calories to see further movement on the scale but it ended up being a bunch of fat. Now I stick to the plan, understand the first several weeks are water and the muscle gains come slowly (but faster than Natty).