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500mg Test Cypionate/Week. All at Once or Split Twice?

Hey guys,
Decided to try a first cycle of 500MG Test-Cypionate per week.

Taking 0.25mg of Arimidex every other day as well.

Would it be better to pin the entire 500MG at once, or split twice per week?

Split twice per week. Also wait on the Adex until you actually have severe E2 symptoms, and try Nolvadex first.

Would the classic “moon face” water retention justify a small dose of Arimidex?

Moon face is the last thing I’d worry about. That’s temporary from water retention in the face? Think about if you’re ready to go on trt permanently, hair loss, gyno, mood swings. The permanent side effects are what I’d concern myself with.

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Thanks for the advice…

I do plan on cycling, and doing PCT with Nolvadex.

Why wait on the Arimidex? Doesn’t it control al this new extragenous testosterone from aromatizing too much?

A lot of guys feel they don’t need AI. That the testosterone to estrogen ratio is more important than just the amount of estrogen is what many believe. Arimadex is very powerful. Be careful if you use it.

You don’t even know how the test is going to affect you, the last thing you want to do is add a second drug at the start and not know what is causing which side effect. Besides your body needs estrogen and it needs to somewhat balance with your testosterone, you don’t want to tank it right off the bat and have to deal with feeling like shit, low energy, no sex drive, ect.

See how the test affects you first. If you’re having serious estrogen related side effects: more than just a little water retention or itchy nips (often psychosomatic); on the lines of breast tissue mass growth, balling your eyes out during a Sarah McLachlan commercial, then try a little Nolvadex per day.

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“balling your eyes out during a sarah mclachlan commercial” lol…

so even a small amount like 0.25mg every other day is not recommend right

Right. ZERO AI. Do not touch until 5 weeks at the earliest, and even then, try to avoid it unless you’re a hormonal disaster and feel like gossiping with your neighbors teenage daughter about boys.

Seriously though, don’t use it unless you truly need to, which many folks do not need in just 500mg or Test.

Great advice here.

Oh and I only worry about my E2 levels when dolphins or pandas on TV make me cry…

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It seems like a little, but imagine that it’s cyanide. It’s best not to ingest it at all.

I had side effects on .25mg EOD.

this is why you dont want to take it, tanking you estrogen levels is just as bad as having them through the roof.

ok so if im doing 500mg/week, 250mg twice a week right? Not 500 on one day…

250mg twice a week is more ideal

thanks, will do.


im pinning on monday and thursday mornings, 250/mg each time.

so far so good.