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500mg/ml Test E into a Virgin Glute. What Have I Done?

I’m on day 4 dealing with some wicked PIP after pinning 500mg/ml high dosed Pharmacom Test E into my glute. I regret it and can’t even workout my legs… nor can I walk, sit, sleep, like a normal human. Not red or infected. No fever but I’m lethargic but I think it’s because I’m stuck in bed on a heating pad and not living my life as normal.

What’s done is done. My question is, if I pin .5ml 250mg twice a week instead of my original plan of 500mg one shot a week, will the pain be less severe? I’d hate to bin two bottles of this stuff.

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It will get better. More frequent, Lower volume will help. Gotta massage the shit out of it immediately after you pull the needle out.

Rotate your sites as often too as you can. It just takes a while for virgin muscle to accept that kind of concentration. Do you have something you can blend it with to reduce the concentration?

Not supposed to post labs, however I’m not a mod. Although I am curious to see how good this product is. I’d appreciate it if you reported back post cycle. For what’s it’s worth, shortly after I started injectable trt I pinned 1/2ml of t450 (was put on 250mg e3w and I couldn’t stand the way I felt after like day… Ten or so, but I’d dip after day 6 (this was sustanon), it hurts more than test P,C,E, tne, you get the drift. It’s due to the high concentration and the carrier’s in the oil used to keep such a high concentration stable. It’s not absurdly painful as long as you don’t play with the site you injected. For instance I kept flexing the glute i injected as hard as I could just because. Just leave the site alone, massage it, use heat, ice etc.

I didn’t massage after the shot hardly at all. I wonder if that caused the pain to be severe. Gonna massage next time. Might even use the wifes hitachi wand one there. I was gonna stick to just the glutes and rotate every week. So it would be two weeks in between but need to rethink it since I’m gonna do bi-weekly. A little apprehensive jabbing the delts or quads bc of the nerves and veins. I’ll do some extensive research and consider it.

I don’t have anything to blend it with. I have avocado oil from costco lol. Might see if I can get some sterile oil online. Thanks for your reply.

Oh my bad wasn’t aware, should have read the rules more thoroughly. I don’t want to continue to talk about it because I would hate to get banned after just starting my first cycle and just signing up.

My cycle is:

40mg - Anavar ed
50mg - Proviron ed
500mg - test e

I’ve been on the Var and Proviron for 11 days and the test for 4 days. I don’t know if it’s bc it’s my first cycle or my body is enjoying these compounds, but I’ve gained 3kg and look a tad bit bigger. Nice pumps in gym too. So far so good. I’ll start a log.

500mg/mL is super high concentrate. I run 250 or 300.

What is your weekly dose? I’d break it up much as possible. You’re more likely to get some estrogen spikes with those single higher doses.

Trying pinning way up on the quad, about where your jeans pockets lay. I do it there. Less nerves and bleeding

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Weekly is 500mg. I wanted to just pin once since it Ethanate and a long half life. But I can’t walk around like I took a bullet wound to the ass like Forest Gump. Already had two inquires about my slow pace and awkward sitting. Now is about 4 days and 7 hours after and I can feel it getting better thank god. I’ll watch some vids on the quad. Would be easier than the glute as well.

I always split 500mg in to two shots your plasma levels should still go up at the same rate even if you split it. And I agree rotate to the quads too how long is your cycle might have missed that. If your going glutes only that scar tissue is gonna build then pinning will hurt too. I always use a softball for hard to teach massage spots try massaging your glute like that it should help a little

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I too enjoy massaging my flute!

I feel your pain brother, I started injecting last week and the pain in my ass is quite chronic that it’s got me slightly limping. The real issue is when I have to climb ladders at work!

500mg/ml high dosed

That is why it hurts so much. Anything over 250mg/ml is gonna suck to inject.

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Yeah I know now but got two bottles of this stuff and would hate to trash it. Gonna look to diluting it with some sterile oil.

Try to break up your injection to EOD or E3.5D and see how it feels. subQ might help too.

I have some bad news for you. No matter how much you break up the dosage—and these guys are right, you absolutely should do that immediately—it won’t change the concentration of what’s in the vial. To get 500mg to hold in oil the brewers at your UGL use solvents. The amount of solvent is directly related to how bad the pip is going to be. (Yes there are exceptions to this) Whatever the ratio is in that vial will remain the same irrespective of the volume you try to push. So smaller doses will be less painful, but you’re not going to be able to avoid some pip. Which is a shame, because test e is unbelievably smooth when it’s made at a lower concentration. So hopefully lesson learned for next time.


Yeah I figured that. If there is a next cycle, I will definitely not try to save 50 bucks lol. On day 5 and pain is subsiding thank god. Gonna do .5ml 2x/week from here on out. Thanks for your response.

I think this is also individual, I get bad, BAD reactions to pharm grade primoteston (test E) every time I pin it. And it’s what im prescribed for TRT (although currently primoteston is out nationwide and so is sustanon, so the only option is UGL as the doc will probs try switch me to the patch or reandron) recently I shot it into my tricep and the site swelled up so badly I was nearly admitted to hospital, that and a seriously jacked up early rate. Given I’ve never tried ugl test E besides T450 which is a mix of test E C and P. Primoteston gives me raised lumps for 3+ weeks each time I inject my glutes (not abcess, just a raised, hard, knotty lump). So either I can’t handle testosterone enanthate or its a reaction to the carrier’s in the oil (I can handle UGL test C, TNE and test prop (test prop just gives me red rashes)

What goes through peoples heads.

Virgin and a 500mg shot.

You sound like good old Danny over in the TRT forum.

Wow. Good luck


Had to find danny’s post after you said it lol jeeeeezus

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Yeah paid the price for that naiveness. I knew it would hurt but wasn’t anticipating this. I’m on day 5 after and it’s slight. About the pain I expected in total is what I feel now. Feels glorious compared to day 2-3. Just gonna man up and do 250mg/.5ml into delts and glutes for the remainder of the cycle. Hopefully I’ll be a hardened vet by the end. Time to search for this Danny guys post.

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Read Dannys posts… I’m offended being compared to that guy. I want to speak to the manager,

Day 6 and the PIP is 90% gone. Finally get to crush legs today. Tomorrow is pin 2… so one day of relief.

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This is a joke right? I can’t tell (I have autism and that’s not a joke) I’d like to be better able to differentiate between jokes and serious posts for future reference

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