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500lbs Snatch


The all time record for the snatch is 216kgs. The first 500lbs(227.5kgs) clean and jerk by Alexeev was a big achievement, which many thought would never come. How many of you believe that we will see a 227.5kgs snatch in the near lifetime. Is a 500lbs snatch even possible?



Well it would have to be 228kg since you can't do .5's anymore...

IMO I don't think we'll ever see one. Maybe by Salimi in like, 10 years, lol.


Its possible. Krastev did 222.5 in training and attempted 225 and 227.5 in training (both missed). I think Salimi might be able to hit 220 in competition.


Salimi is still fairly young (he's an '89) and if he can stay injury and suspension free it'll be interesting to see how much more progress he can make. I'm with GqArtguy, I'm not sure we'll see him do 228 but I could see him doing 220 in competition in a few years. Never know though.


What about Pat Mendes, he still has alot of potential? I'm betting on him for the first 500lbs snatch


I think its possible, but I don't think we're going to see it anytime soon.


goddammit. i'd be happy if i could deadlift it :-/


I don't think so, personally...


I'll take that bet. How much you willing to put down? $50? $100?

To be fair Pat still has a lot of potential I think, but he is not going to add 14kg to the current world record snatch.


meant to quote deadliftdude


I don't think Salimi will do. Anyone think salimi will beat the all time snatch record?


Well, it depends on what drugs will look like in a couple of years. I read a research saying that they have discovered a drug which increase the strength in mice 86% in 8 weeks. That's almost double strength. In mice that did not train, the strength increase was 56% I believe. So I guess we will see that snatch when a drug of this kind can be used by humans.


You think a mouse will snatch 500lbs?


Don't underestimate the mice. They are going to rule the world one day.


There is also a ton of research (russian) that predict the limits for these exercises...according to them we haven't really came close to maxing out human potential. There is also research done concluding that the snatch is unaffected by the use of performance enhancing drugs, due to the fact that it is such a technical lift. I'm in class right now but I'll try to cite some sources and post some links.

I'm willing to believe on faith alone though, humans are always pushing the limits and seeing how far we can take it.



Have you been watching him on youtube again, proclaiming his own awesomeness????

I'd bet my house and my parent's house that he won't.


I'd love to see some cited references for that as i'm sure it can't be right. Yep, the snatch is a technical lift but all other things being equal a stronger lifter will lift more than a weaker therefore muscular strength (when taken in the context of rate force development) must be a factor.


Sure but he has a point. When you look at Salimi, the guy will have no problem snatch deadlifting his max snatch, or overhead squatting his max snatch. For a guy like him, the strength is not the problem, it's just the maintenance of the technique.



We will definately see a 228kg snatch, but it won't be down to human natural ability. Currently there are some scary drugs in development that will redefine athletic performance if they get into the wrong hands (which they inevitably will).
One in particular, once injected via a virus has the ability to code for the long dormant type 2X muscle fibre (humans have type 1, type 2A & type 2B muscle fibres, but also the dormant type 2X gene). The type 2X fibre is in lay mans terms simmilar in contraction speed to animal fast twitch fibres. The problem with this type of gene doping is that ALL muscle may become super fast twitch, including cardiac muscle, leading to heart failure! Another issue is that ligaments & tendons would be destroyed under such contraction speeds.