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500lb Squats/Deads - How Common Are They?

Very few. VERY few. Lol

I have only met 2 guys who can do both. One has been powerlifting for 5 years and is 23, the other has been powerlifting for 2 years and is 19, but he’s a freak. Absolutely built to lift heavy shit.

This is scary to me. But that’s exactly where I want to be.

Thanks homie!! Let’s goooo!

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It really shouldn’t be scary. A gym like that is just a collection of like-minded people who take their training seriously. Of course that’s what happens when a bunch of serious guys get together to move weight. If you put yourself in a place like that it can totally challenge your ideas of what a normal outcome of serious training should be.

You go on ahead. I’ll stay behind and train martial arts with the geeks.


I did Japanese Ju Jutsu for a semester last year. Easily the most unique and humbling athletic experience i’ve ever had. I was throwing people around because I had 45 pounds on the next heaviest guy in the class, and then during a demonstration on why technique is more important than strength, my 120lb, 63 year old instructor whipped me like a rag doll.

So… “geeks”? No. I know you were joking but seriously. Much respect, sir.

I use that term endearingly, as in someone who is really into a particularly unusual hobby or pursuit. I’ve fit that bill for a good chunk of my life, and that’s the kind of interest in a pursuit that was necessary for me to squat 500 raw and pull 600.

The BJJ guys I’ve been training with for the last 8 months are total geeks too. You almost have to be if you want to be any good at it.


Interesting that the op lists a squat and deadlift of 500. A 500 lb squat is so much harder than a 500 lb deadlift. I’ve seen 2 500 lb squatters at my commercial gym- one was a juiced out 300 lb bodybuilder that did it for reps and the other was a personal trainer that played college ball.

Ugh. ONE day I will get there. ONE.DAY.

I have no idea how she’s able to move such weight like that.

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The only thing more incredible than her strength is the rate at which she’s making progress. Check out her Instagram page, she pulled 465x3 for a PR in September and 500x5 a couple weeks ago. Drugs and hard work alone can’t explain this, I don’t know what the fuck is going on.


Didn’t she just recently hit 495 in a meet? Is that her highest pull in comp? Because that wouldn’t make sense either. 500x5 in training and 495x1 in competition…

She probably didn’t squat and bench before 500x5 in training, and maybe she cut weight for the meet as well. And maybe things just didn’t go too well at the meet (relatively speaking), all I know is that she is making insane progress at an elite level, which is basically unheard of unless it was a natural lifter who started taking PEDs and bulking, that’s the only scenario I could imagine and that’s not the case here.


It doesn’t look like she has crazily advantageous proportions e.g. cailer woolam. She’s jacked as hell but outside of that I have no idea how she’s THAT strong

Weight cut/higher off season weight, bumper plates, straps, better at reps than singles or maybe just a shit day.

I’ma say genetics because I haven’t got a proper answer.

Maybe focusing on power lifting after stopping that weightlifting bullshit. Maybe focusing more on deadlift then bench/squat.

Probably near maxed muscle for her weight class in all the right places for powerlifting e.g. her quads are bigger than her bf’s and the dude’s a powerlifter too. Impressive whether or not she upped the dose. Reminds me of Ben Pollack the dude is jacked af.


but… Yury Belkin

They should make powerlifting god babies

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He must sleep well at night knowing his girlfriend can pick him up and carry him out of a burning house if she needs to.

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Belkin did gain a few pounds and the pulls he failed in recent meets looked like they were mostly due to technical issues, but I suppose he is in the same category.

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He doesn’t have to move anywhere. She can deadlift and flip the whole burning house away from em.


We know who wears the pants in that relationship.

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Actually I don’t think she fits in pants lel. Maybe she wears the men’s compression leggings/tights in the relationship tho.

Let’s hope so, men shouldn’t be wearing those anyway.

@guineapig pls respond

Steph Powell is another 500+ female puller. Crazy!

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