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500lb High School Bench - Article


Finally tracked it down. There was a thread many months ago, actually forgot what it was about, and I posted about this guy a year ahead of me in high school. OK, so it wasn't a 600lb bench.

Hope these pics work.

Detroit Free Press Oct 7, 1982

KC was also on the track team and was one of the fastest sprinters.


Wow, awesome.


Will rescan if it's not readable and repost later.



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He reminds me of a young Ron Teufel, a popular BB from the late 70's.


That physique is UNREAL.

IH, know his age in that photo?


Early to mid 20's, I believe.

It says in his bio that he lived and trained in Philly, when, in fact, he trained in Ryan's gym that's actually still next door to the gym Greeny and I belong to.

It's located in Delaware County, Pa. Ten minutes OUTSIDE of Philadephia.

He drove a school bus for Interboro school district and my sister used to go there at that time.

He died in 2002 at 45 years of age. I think he was an alcoholic.


A 505 lbs bench at 165 lbs is quite the accomplishment, especially considering that according to powerlifting watch the world record raw bench press for 165 lbs is only 485 lbs. This kid needs to enter a meet and prove that this claim is real.


Why does the bottom of the picture say he unofficially beat the squat and bench records? Where were these tested?


They have meets in the after life?


Because he never did it officially, at least not that I know of. I ran into his brother today who had the article but I didn't have time to talk further about KC.

I did see it with my own eyes on campus. I also think they had a TV clip also. I have no idea why KC didn't go to the Olympics or into powerlifting or into Guiness for that matter. He just went to college and probably didn't pursue it.


This kid is now 47 years old!


pretty curious that for so much alleged athletic prowess and strength that there is no google hit for the guy. what happened to him?


There's unknown monsters everywhere. Not everyone tries to get in or even enjoy the limelight, self fulfilling people are a different kind of breed. No i'm not talking about Street ballers vs. MJ lol, just the strength world. Anybody can get some weights and hit it like there's no tomorrow.


lol, squatting with the pad on


Rememeber, this is back in 1982 and I don't think KC pursued the limelight. Like the article mentioned he is/was very quiet and shy and my guess is he just never followed in that direction. I agree it is pretty curious because he could have achieved a lot of fame and notoriety but that didn't seem to be his nature.

Not sure what KC is doing now.

(Orchard Lake St. Mary's now has a world-class weightroom and a hockey arena. It's a much different school from back in the 1980s. Still only 300 guys. When I was there it had already produced a few All-Americans even though we only had 250 guys total! One dude from my year went on to pitch for the Brewers - Mike Ignasiak. Since then OLSM has produced a LOT of All-American's and pro athletes. They've also got a winning crew team since it's on a lake.)

* Jon Misch, Michigan State University LB
* David Bowens, Cleveland Browns DE
* Kalin Lucas, Michigan State University PG
* Scott Kowalkowski, former Detroit Lion and Philadelphia Eagle
* David Simon, Olympic Rower (Sydney)
* Mike Ignasiak, former Milwaukee Brewer
* Morgan Trent, Cincinnati Bengals DB
* Jim Paciorek, former Milwaukee Brewer and Seattle Mariner baseball player
* James Lee, mixed martial arts fighter, KOTC Former Light Heavyweight Champion
* Filmel Johnson, former Buffalo Bill
* Leonard Renfro, former Philadelphia Eagle
* Sam Rogers, Atlanta Falcons DE
* Charles Davis, San Diego Chargers/ Berlin Thunder(NFL Europa) TE
* Josh Bourke, Montreal Alouettes OL
* Anthony Sherrell, Detroit Lions/ Frankfurt Galaxy (NFL Europa) RB
* Grant Mason, Pittsburgh Steelers/ Amsterdam Admirals (NFL Europa) DB
* Robert Bolden, Quarterback Penn State Nittany Lions (2010-present)

Aaron Palushaj, Drafted 44th overall by the St. Louis Blues NHL

* Brett Hudson, Wayne State University, Golf
* Jeff Petry, Edmonton Oilers, Defenseman
* Dan Milan, Moncton Wildcats, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, Defenseman


Im pretty sure there have been 2 high school kids that have benched 500 in competition raw... but certainly not at 165.

BUT, if I remember correctly Ed Coan (the best powerlifter in history) benched in the mid 400's as a 165 pound 16 year old.


I would assume it was a high school meet like the ones I competed in and unsanctioned, so no record. Tough not to believe given the article, so christ, kudos to that guy.