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500lb Deadlift at 154.4 BW


Thank you to those who supported me... though it wasn't many on t nation lol. either way never give up on your goals.




LOL'd pretty hard. But good lift despite your incessant trolling


you look better honestly but i was hoping you almost grew up but then u posted the naked pictures. Also you kinda look like ben affleck to me.


"Five hundred pound deadlift, at 154.4 pound bodyweight. WHATCHU KNOW ABOUT THAT???"

I don't know much about that because I haven't been that small since I was fifteen...otherwise strong pull and good work.


I'll give props insert props. It's just not that serious man. Is this really your dream? Now what? I guess we'll find out after you catch some z's.


Cool story brah

Feel free to start posting again when you hit 600


I wouldn't hold my breath...


You're still a tool looking for attention


Nice fucking lift , cocky but Fuck it your pretty strong for your size


not much you? lol


nah man not trolling. you would lol in real life too hahha


lol he was rated as one of the best looking guys there quite a few times so I will take that as a complement. Thanks! haha


hahaha thanks bro. I was pretty pumped


lol now I want to win a bodybuilding competition.


ya, 154.4 eh? a real monster. Never found DL's as impressive as squats, lets see some of those.

fuck the recent article, get rid of the rolling and rounded back.


Op , out of curiosity how much do you squat, press and bench ?


OP, did you see my comment in your other thread?

You are strong but you come across as a Zyzz wanna be turd and in a t shirt you look virtually untrained.

Gain some more muscle, keep getting stronger, be yourself and you'll be good to go!

No hate at all. Serious response.


Yeah squats are not in my biomechanics unfortunately. My squat is quite low... only 280 x 9


thanks bro. not tryna be cocky. just wanna give people motivation in a unique way. pump em up and also wanna motivate them to get ripped and strong ya know?