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500lb Deadlift @ 198lbs (Horrible Technique...Help!)


Watch me attempt a 500lb

Actually I'm not a beast in the least bit. Guys I need your help. As you can see, my deadlifting technique is horrible -- I don't do them often.

You're probably thinking, "If your form is so bad, when even attempt this amount of weight?" The answer is, this is my first time seeing my deadlift on camera and I never knew my form was this bad.

This movement has always been difficult for me to learn. So if you have any tips, comments or advice they will be greatly appreciated.

(P.S I'm 5'11 and I have a 78" wingspan if that means anything)


Strong deadlift. Your form was not that bad. Your pull almost passes for a good stiff-legged deadlift. It did not look too hard for you either, I bet you can pull more. I like how you said the hell with the straps.

Your back was straight like its supposed to be, you just locked out your knees before your hips. Try focusing on keeping your chest up maybe? weight in the heels and bar rubbing the shins. I mean its a 500lb single which is impressive even with bad form.


Your form wasn’t bad at all.



wish I could deadlift that

I agree seemed like a deadlift/stiffleg

good lift
you make it look easy


Only prob I could see was that your ass went up too soon. Do a search on DL form articles, I think Cresey did a recent really good one.

See if you can find a powerlifting club and train with them for a few weeks to get live coaching.
BTW you have a great potential with those looong arms!


A couple smaller points to consider;

  1. Make sure your arms are straight prior to the initial pull, a bent arm increases the risk of tearing your bicep.

  2. Don’t look sideways. Keeping your head straight will minimize the chance of hurting your neck.

Aside from your hips coming up early, as others have mentioned, WOW! that looked easy. Great job.


lower back was rounded. other than that you are not going to hurt yourself. That was a hell of a pull considering your knees were locked immediaty after the weight broke the floor. no expert but if you focus on the lower back issue the rest should fix itself (hips will have to stay lower)and you’ll be adding weight in no time.


Hey man

More than I’ve ever deadlifted, but I have some things you may want to consider.

  1. How much of a heel do those shoes have? Are they Nike Frees? If they have a high heel, you may want to look into some different shoes for pulling. Something like Chuck Taylors

  2. Don’t look to the side when you’re putting the bar down. I’ve heard of people tearing their upper trap doing that.

Good lift though. You’re explosive


There have been videos of alot worse form than yours. Lots of good advice above. All little things that will improve your DL.
Especially the turning the head thing. Your spinal erectors go from your skull to your pelvis and are under maximum static contraction and your spine is under a compressive load - don’t turn your head.

Get a decent pair of shorts for DL. I’ve seen guys (and girls) get the bar caught on their shorts when doing a heavy DL.



Thank for the advice fellas. Your help is very much appreciated. Now it’s time to put it in action. I got figure this thing out.


I used to do the same thing when I went heavy (locked knees out instantly.) I hit 485 like that but decided I needed to go lower weight and hit more reps whilst correcting form instead of trying to correct form while still going heavy.

I realized that in order to keep good form, I need to remember a few key points:

-Keep weight on heels (like the squat)
-Look straight/upwards (not sure if looking up is corrrect, however)
-and begin with my back straight, at a 45 degree angle to the ground. Never let that angle be more acute than 45 degrees.

Other than those points, losing the hat, and putting on some hardcore music, you should be good to go!


Strengthen up your legs mate, its stops them popping up so fast.


Dave: That definitely makes a ton of sense

TheSolution: That’s the only music they hace to offer at the YMCA lol Thanks for the tips man.


Your definitely stronger then the weight your using, I estimate with good form your maximum to be mid 500. Your pulling with your back almost entirely, your legs go first then the weight is still in front of you then you stiff leg the weight up. This is very common when you first start off with deadlift though.

What might help you is to pull the weight closer to your body, the weight tends to drift away from you.

Here is a perfect deadlift for reference point exrx.net/WeightExercises/ErectorSpinae/BBDeadlift.html

with maximum weight it will not look perfect though, notice how the weight is close to him and both the legs and back move together? Your legs go first then your back goes which makes it harder.

Your long arms will help tremendously with the deadlift, and it will probably be your best lift and you’ll be over 600lbs in no time.

Overall your form is not that bad at all, just doing the movement some more will get you more used to it.


Nice lift. I like to get my ass really low. Maybe try deadlifting off of a platform or if you don’t got one off a 100lb plate and making sure you get your ass as low as you can.


[quote]ss847859 wrote:
Nice lift. I like to get my ass really low. Maybe try deadlifting off of a platform or if you don’t got one off a 100lb plate and making sure you get your ass as low as you can.[/quote]

I agree. I used to have this same habit of letting my hips raise too fast. Get your ass low and don’t round your lower back, maintain a neutral spine and use more leg drive - your hips and shoulders should raise together and at the same rate.

A good pull is like a squat with the bar in your hands - it’s all legs till the bar gets about knee height. You’re are definitely strong enough to be pulling high 500’s once you get your form worked out. Good work!


his concentric was nice too. didn’t slam it down. Not like there would have been anything wrong with that, but it does make the lift a bit harder, especially with that weight. Good job buddy.


Nice lift. Try pushing your ass down right before pulling.

Then again, you DL more than me, so take that advice with a grain of salt.

Where in Tennessee?


Nice lift! How is your squat? If it’s weak i’m gueesing that might be part of the problem seing as you almost only pull with your back.


boyscout: I’m in nashville

molnes: my squat is around 405lbs right now