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500lb Bench Press - How Common are They?


Anyway an average lifter weight could be worked out? Interested to see that


The lightest guy seems to be Roman Eremashvili from Russia benching 502lbs raw at a bodyweight of 148. Theres also guys like Jeff Lewis who benched 512lbs at an impressive bodyweight of 524lbs. Maybe someday he will reach a bodyweight bench.


Are you sure that isn’t equipped? That sounds unbelievable.


Nope all raw. Insane lift.


Im more impressed by the Bench than the Press. 1036lb. That’s strong :wink:


That is super impressive, both the lightweight and hitting 500 in bodyweight! I realised mean not average was what I should have asked for. I should plug the numbers in.


What’s more impressive? The lift or that he can get to the bench?


Glad he is still around. He owns a pizza joint must be digficult not to eat it.


One thing thats very impressive is that the dude squatted 1212lbs multiply. Thats 50lbs away from the all time world record. He did it at 530 bodyweight too. If you think about it he technically squatted 1700lbs.


It’s just plain weird to think about benching nearly 3.5x your bodyweight. How is 148 lbs even enough muscle to support that? Fuckin Russians.


My guess is the insane arch.


I agree completely on Eddie. Some of the gym numbers he throws out when He wasn’t even training for those lifts and they were more accessories like on squats. I think he said his beltless squat rep PR was like 765 x8 , I think I saw a video where he did 540-560 for 6 on bench and they were clean reps. I don’t remember that exact number. And of course wrist strap dead he pulled 1100 on a stiff bar. A lot of ppl believe if he were to focus on it he could break all time total. All speculation of course unless he goes for it.