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500lb Bench Press - How Common are They?


I would disagree with this, i have only been powerlifting for a couple years, been to 4 or 5 contests. I have seen at least 4 guys in that time here in VA press over 500 raw, and a couple of guys in the gym that pressed over 500 (these were not comp legal, but well over 500). Just going by USPA records for VA there are 4 state records over 500 in full meets, and 3 records in bench only meets.


How many people have you guys have you seen STRICT overhead press 500 raw though :slight_smile:


None in person!

That number I think would be a lot closer to 100 and maybe even lower, but I really have no idea for sure. It is a very rare feat for sure.


Jee-zus…“I’ma put 500lbs up over my head, and I’ma do it damn near nekkid!”


You know you replied to me rather than @milo234 , right? Maybe he can respond.


This is something that has not been proven many times in human history. Redding is the one of the few who have done it in the competition.

I would guess that even 500lbs push presses are pretty rare (first what I think of are the elite strongmen).

I mean, fuck:


My bad, just figuring out the quote function on here.


did you consider the possibility that the 500+ lbs benchers, ie the strongest guys in the nfl, may be the ones who stick around longest? Did you consider that it’s possible that guys get stronger past the age of 21 when they go the combine? You’re assuming that the strongest guys in the combine have an equal chance of sticking around in the nfl as the weaker guys. And you assumed that athletes are hitting their peak strength in college, not as a pro. Both seem to be problematic assumptions, wouldn’t you say?

I don’t have the list on hand, but powerliftingwatch tracks the best lifts of every year, across federations. If you’re really curious, you can purchase a subscription and take a look. I did ask a friend who has a subscription, and he counted over 100 raw 500+ benches before he got tired of counting. You can also safely assume that most of the 700+ bench presses in bench shirts translate to 500+ raw. Not all, but 50/50 would be very conservative, so using that number you get a ton more. And those numbers are just people who decided to compete in the last year. The number of people who can accomplish the feat who compete in powerlifting but just havent done it in the last 12 months will be an enormous number. Not everyone competes every year.

That’s just a start. Plenty of strongman competitors, even at an amateur level, can bench press 500. Like, a lot. I can think of, off the top of my head, at least 20 amateur strongmen who can do it. And I don’t believe any of them compete in powerlifting. When you add in all the pro strongmen who can do it…

So yea. you’re really, really, really wrong.

I’d be surprised if the number is less than 1000.

Nope. Definitely not true at all. No idea where you heard that, but it is false. I wouldn’t use steroids if this was true.

AAAAAAnd now I’m seeing littlesleeper’s post. yea, you’re pretty wrong.


Really though… how else would you do it? No other way would seem as good unless It’s completely naked.


That Big Z press is the only time Ive seen a strongman get 500lbs up and even that was questionable.

The Axle sits at 476lbs and I haven’t seen many heavy barbell presses. They seem to hover around the 450lbs mark, even out of a rack.

I’d put my money on an Oly lifter ahead of a strongman to be honest. They are just a lot more comfortable on equipment which lends itself to big presses.

Also, if you do witness 500lbs go over someone’s head, you have witnessed something truly extraordinary.


You might be right. I would guess that 500lbs press/push press is an anomaly even there (jerks are of course more common, but a elite/top tier feat nonetheless).

I fully agree. Not to downplay a 500lbs bench, which is a monstrous feat. But 500lbs overhead (in any way) is something else.


I guess you were referring to my video of me bench pressing 500 lbs raw… I have bench pressed in a competition a couple of times before… The most I have tried on competition standards is 470lbs and I got it… One thing for sure, i have never used any type if enhancers or steroids and I could have Olympic style drug testing any day of the week… When I got 500lbs in the video, I was working out about 1 or 2 days a week like I always do…
I dont know how many people can truly say that they bench pressed 500lbs without using any supplements whatsoever, but I know I can… Maybe I’m one of the few in the world…


This is me here… 100% raw and 100% drug free…


Holy holy what a fkn tank. Major props to you


Thanks bro…


Good shit man. How much did you weigh?


I think 315 -330 or somewhere in between…


I would assume its very rare. i’ve been lifting for 10 years. I don’t live in a crowded area but I have a good deal of friends and connections of people who lift and in person amongst people ive seen I am yet to see a 500lb raw bench. I’ve see 2 people bench 455 so I’d imagine with a slingshot they’d be close but again thats still not raw.

I will say however that among the elite tho, I doubt 500lbs is that uncommon for 308’s and above. I mean a few nfl players over the years have done it. Alot of documented powerlifters but i’d be willing to nearly all of the wsm competitors over the years have done it or are damn close.

I’d have loved to see Eddie Hall continue with his training after winning wsm. I don’t think hes the best strongman the world has ever seen but I do believe he could very well be the strongest static lifted we’ve ever seen. The man was just a static monster. I’d have loved to see him get the 230kg log press which i think given some more training he could have got, then taken the time to attempt to smash the powerlifting total. Would have been awesome to see, but alas I understand his desire to pursue other things.


Like becomimg healthy…


Not counting Strongman, guys who dont compete, bodybuilders, and athletes, there are 1300+ lifters who have benched 500+ in a bench only meet.