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500kg Deadlift, Possible or Impossible?


Does anyone think that a 500kg deadlift is possible under powerlifting conditions. That of a deadlift bar, untested and 24 hour weigh ins. Also no suit, completely raw. I can imagine kk doing this .


I’m pretty sure only 2 people ever have pulled 1,000 without straps. So right now no, but in the future some freak may come along and do it. Keep an eye on Yuri Belkin.


Eddie Hall is a good candidate for this, seeing as he’s the closest gauge we have for this kind of threshold. I don’t think anybody at any bodyweight has a stronger deadlift than him as far as moving raw weight. I’m pretty sure he’s pulled 1k beltless too.

Though, Yuri Belkin and Pete Rubish are probably the two guys I’m actually giving a shit about when it comes to the deadlift. They’re both exceeding boundaries and it’s so fucking cool to watch.


I’d give eddie a shot at it but I don’t think he has any desire to get on a powerlifting platform. If he did, he could probably break the current WR which is 1015lb I believe. He doesn’t stand to gain anything by going back to powerlifting as he’s probably one of the most lucrative strongmen at the moment.


I’m saying do you think KK has a possible shot at this?


KK’s best raw deadlift is 426kg, and his best in a suit is 430kg (I believe). Both are outstanding but also a considerable distance away from 500 kg. KK is almost 40 and has been lifting for about 20 years. If he was capable of 500 I would think he would have done it already.


granted KK could gain some bw . He is very lean for a SHW . I think he is under 275lb. But an extra 70kg is a lot for anyone . I think if someone has very large hands it might be possible under powerlifting conditions. Eddie Hall doesn’t look the biggest guy ever. Funny I know to talk of these giants as not large.


The problem i see with Hall, as much of a beast as i think he is, is that pretty much every big lift he has pulled and failed was almost always due to grip. In a legit powerlifting setting, I doubt he could pull that, not without some very serious attention on his grip training. I think benni would be the first simply because he currently holds the record for PL style deadlifting at 1015. That was done by itself, but if dl was all he focused on, he could pretty easily put up some decent (but paltry by comparison) squat and bench numbers, maybe 700’s on squat and upper 500’s on bench just to get through the meet fresh for the deadlift. Right now, i see benni as the lifter to compare to since he has the highest pull with no straps and only a belt.


Hard to call. I’d say Benni, maybe Eddie Hall, Belkin just maybe if he doesn’t get hurt. I’ll also add, I think Malanichev potentially if for some reason he decided to focus on DL instead of squat - which he won’t, so it’s a moot point.


I am not going to risk popping a bicep going for 1100 no straps, if iam a professional strongman. It is definitely possible though10 year’s ago only like 17 guys pulled over 900 lbs, ever now look how many have pulled that much and more.
KK is a freak but you got a window, you only got so many 900 plus pulls in you.
I’ve been waiting on a 600 lbs c and jerk for years in the Olympics but people want clean sport . Gary tyler jerked 600 x 2 in 90s (not tested). I also heard in mid ninetys Goggins pulled 955 at like 250 straped and hitched.
When dna doping comes around we will see some crazy stuff in athletics.


This is the future of athletic performance. Scary things will be possible.


I heard yury belkin is going for 501kg suited with straps early december. Looking at his 968 pull I’d say it might be close. Guy is a deadlift monster. Form doesn’t break down.