500 Rep Shoulder Workout Questions about Other Training Days

Hey Paul, I am nearing the end of my mass gaining phase and so far have had great with doing cycles of specialized programs for each body part. Im looking to finish off the next month and a half focusing on my shoulders. I have always been a fan of your work, and a good while back I came across your 500 Rep Shoulder Workout but due to a insignificant strength base I wanted to wait until I could overhead press 2x my bodyweight like you recommended. Now that I can I’m very excited to see what this program can do for me.

My question pertains to the training days other than the 500 shoulder workout x2 a week. I was thinking of setting up the week something like this:

Monday: 500 rep shoulder workout
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Upper Body w/ more emphasis on arms
Thursday: Legs
Friday: 500 Rep Shoulder Workout
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Upper Body w/ more emphasis on chest/back (trap bar deadlift for back)

This way every body part can be trained x2 per week, and obviously volume will be reduced on the rest of the body to maximize shoulder recovery. Because I will be in-between semesters on winter break, I will have extra time to eat, sleep, train, and recover so I “should” be able to handle the volume. If It turns out to be too much, another option I thought of is to do:

Monday: 500 rep shoulder workout
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Upper body, lower body push emphasis
Thursday: 500 rep shoulder workout
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Upper body, lower body pull emphasis
Sunday: Rest

Thanks again, Any input would be approached.

When you’re prioritizing a muscle group, basically the key is to put everything else into maintenance mode. Everything. You focus on that one muscle group and only that one.

In other words, you don’t try to grow the delts but also “improve my squat” or basically anything EXCEPT growing the shoulders.

Literally go into the gym and do some basic work that isn’t too heavy or hard for everything else, and get out.

Sounds great, simple and sweet I was definitely over thinking it. Thanks for the feedback