500 Pound Squat

Whose got one, or is going for one?
I have done 405 x 5 at 205 lb
Hoping to hit it soon.

508 x 1 at 242 lb (a looong time ago…)

485 x 1 at 221 lb (last week…)

Full squats, of course… Gone much higher on partials…

425x2 is my best, I’ve been focusing on deadlift and its lower now. In about 6 weeks I’m going to do the entire smolov with the goal of a 500+ pound squat.

still working on 400 :slight_smile:

565 with a belt,…at about 280

500 x 7 at 216 lbs
(full squats but not olympic style)
try to do anderson squats or heavy partials every other week.

Recently hit 500 (@ 200lb) with Smolov base.

Will be retesting Saturday after Intense meso and shooting for at least 525.

I parallel box squated 365x5 last week at 175lbs.

I do my last raw warm-up with 500ish for 2 or 3 most squat sessions before I slap on some briefs. Dunno what I can squat raw now.

517 at 209 w/ belt and wraps and will be looking for 550 in the near future

Damn, there’s some beasts on here. 405 x 5 is my best @215. Going for 455 soon, plan is to have 500 by end of the year.

I hit 500 at 229 last weekend at a meet. I hit 405x10 during that cycle as well. Hoping to do it again in Novemeber but at 200lbs.

573 @ 190 before setting off my injury about 2 months ago. Almost got 589 @ same body weight.

I was doing triples with 507 no issue.

600 isn’t far away. I think 700 is going to be a long journey of diligence and pain though.

Last meet cycle: 550@220. Haven’t taken a max squat in a while because of 5/3/1, but I know I’m good for 530ish on any given workout.

540 single ply, 430 raw @ 181.

500 raw is probably a couple years away!

I hit 520lbs in a comp last weekend @ 6’1, 224, missed 540, IPF belt only. Shooting for 551@220 at un-equipped nats in 8 weeks, as long as my knee holds up should be ok :wink:

Hit 500 raw (wraps and a belt) in my last SPF competition.

Apparently I suck at squatting for reps. Some of you guys sound like you are out repping me with 400 and max 50 pounds less. Weird.

I’m really close 495lb (raw/210lb), and im sure I will hit 500 really soon, want to hit 585 by the end of the year (raw/220lb).

I just put up 375x8. Probably good for 5 or 6 at 405. Figure I’ll need 405x10 or so for 500, eh? Hopefully by the end of the year …