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500 Lb. Man Accused Of Fast-Food Scam


500-Pound Man Accused Of Fast-Food Scam

A 500-pound man in Seminole County, Fla., was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of scamming fast-food restaurants out of large amounts of milk shakes and tacos, according to a Local 6 News report.



I guess "3 strikes" doesn't apply?


Domestic problems?

one, He has a women?
two, How fucking big is she that she cant get away from this guy?
scamming fast food resturants for grub is about all I can see this guy doing.

Then again a friend did tell me he went on a call to cut a wall out of a house to get out the 700 lbs guy who died inside. He was the areas biggestet crack dealer. Go figure all that without leaving his house.


700 lb crack dealer? There is some irony there somewhere...

(Unless you meant your friend was the area's biggest crack dealer. Haha!)


I have known some big guys that deal and are pretty big, I have never seen a 700 pound man that delt. The biggest guy I have seen was a guy that was 415 or so. The guy ended up getting shot by like 50 bullets after he had some and thought he'd take on a whole department of cops with just 6 bullets and a revolver.




I have met several fat cocaine addicts. I really cant imagine how much eating you have to do to stay fat, I mean big, when you use a powerful stimulant several times a day every day. If your going to ruin yourlife with cocaine then at least benifit in some way.


Am I understanding this right? I've seen some overweight police officers, even a couple of firefighters...but honestly, talk about a stretch.


Just because you're addicted to stimulants doesn't mean you'll be skinny, it just means you can eat really, really fast.


that guys fat mug makes me laugh.
the only scam i've ever done to a fast food joint is order a double wopper, take a patty off go back to line saying they gave me a single instead of double (show receipt for proof), get new burger and put old patty on new burger for a cheap triple stack. WOOT!