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500 GRAMS of carbs?

I just read the get big diet… I’ve basically been fallowing the minus the ratio he recomends… According to that ratio i’m at like 210 grams of protein, and like 500 CARBS??? isn’t that abit much?? thats crazy… won’t i just get FAT as hell doing that?..

What ratio (eg 40/40/20) would u recomend?

400 grams per day of protein plus 500
grams per day of carbs totals to 3600
calories. If fat is kept modest, say
80 grams (720 calories) then the total
is by no means excessive for the average
guy using androgens.

Obviously, if fat intake is high, say
200 grams per day, then the total calories
from all this including the carbs can be
too much for most, but the blame doesn’t
fall on the carb recommendation.

A minority may need to trim the carb
recommendation moderately. Most however
will gain less if they consume less carbs
than this.

Oh, wait a second… I was going too quickly
and when seeing the 500 g carbs recommendation, I thought you were talking about what I’d recommended during androgen use.

The situation is different for those not
using androgens, but it would still be true that fat gain won’t occur if total calories are not excessive. In this case, 210 grams
of protein and 500 grams of carbs is 2840
calories, and if fat is say 80 grams then
the total is 3560. Depending on the individual, some will gain fat on that while training but not at an extreme speed.

I would look up the Massive Eating by John Berardi. You can find the link on Biotest’s web-site under the section on Mag-10. The carbs are almost similar but it give good detail as to why you eat what and it actually has formulas as to how to figure out your calorie intake.

Bill, I posted a question similar to this and had no reply earlier so here it is again. I want to give you my situation and see what you think. I am currently sitting at 215 with 11% Bodyfat. Starting June 10, I am going to start taking Myostat, MAG-10 2x per/day. M and Tribex in the two off weeks. I have battled to see a glimpse of definition and do not want to gain any excess amounts of fat. While on androgens, I will be taking in 400g of protein. The high amount of carbs just scares me and it seems that I gain fat just thinking about carbs. Will the MAG-10 have a partitioning effect as to not add any bodyfat. I plan on continuing some type of cardio while doing the GS Phase I workout( along the lines of Berardi’s 30 minute anaerobic work two times per week.) Is it at all possible to gain muscle and still lose a modest amount of fat and if so, HOW?

Brian, it can be possible to lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously, in the case
of people starting from an untrained or little-trained state or sometimes trained individuals on a first cycle or on a cycle begun at a point no better than they could have attained naturally… but generally speaking it’s a neither-here-nor-there plan.
I’d prefer having weeks dedicated to muscle gain with the expectation of fat not being lost or being gained at a slow rate, like one half pound per week and certainly no more than one pound per week, and other periods of planned rapid fat loss.

If fat intake is low you should not gain
significant amounts of fat, if any, with
that protein and carb intake over a short
period of time, and perhaps not over a longer period either.

BIll, when you say planned periods of rapid fat loss, would this fall under the two off weeks from MAG-10 use. ie. 2 MAG-10, 2 fat loss. If so, what cal, pro, carb, and fat reccomendations would you suggest. Also, how to hold onto the muscle I just gained. Thanks