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500 for 2 @ 218


Was going to post in the Training New Pr thread but, didn't wanna look for it.

I was trying to test what I thought my opener will be for November. I am competiting in my first ever Powerlifting Meet in Gatlinburg TN SPF Record Breakers in the 220 Juniors Class. May make a cut to 198 if feel I can hold, but wont make the official decision till last week out.

This is much much wider than my normal stance and a much weaker position for me. So my plan was to work up to heavy single and what ever I hit there would be my opener. However I wound up some how hitting a new all around PR with 500 for a double. Very pleased with this and will be opening with 500 at the meet in my much stronger position.


Great work!


Nice. Why the different stance?

Edit: Seen explanation in log


Strong squat man. Kill it in November.


Thanks guys will definitely give it all I have


My first meet is in Nov too!

Awesome squat! I think you’ll do well.