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$500 At Tate's Site


Here's what I'm looking at so far. The band kit, is sufficient for everything shown on the video clips on Tates band article? Plus would it be enough to use for when I lift as well? I'm thinking about a foam roller to, any ideas on which one? Any other rehap/prehab toys on there any good? Finally if there's anything in general that would be strongly reccomended? I was thinking about a sled but I'm not 100% plus making one seems WAY wiser.

Thanks in advance,



Bands are awesome for training and stretching and almost anything else you can think of.

Foam roller's great too.


A tennis ball is a great addition to the foam roller, especially if you have small trouble areas like the piriformis muscle.


This is great if your actually going to do it (making on that is) and within a reasonable amount of time....I say buy the sled. I did and I love it.


I no if I actually become "set" on using a sled I'd build one. But thanks for the feedback bro. Any tips on what types of accesories to go with the sled if I get/build one?

Keep em coming boys :slightly_smiling:



As far as if the band pack is enough for you for stretching/traction/working out ... yes, it is. the pack comes with mini, light, avg and strong bands, in other words, every single band that elite sells except the monster mini (which to my understanding isnt used all that often anyway.)

Personally, if I had $500 to spend at elite, I'd buy the GHR. I'd love to have one, and I could afford it actually, I just dont have the space. oh well... but if you do you might think about that


$500 won't get a GHR at Tate's site. I spent a lot more than that when I bought mine. Get a couple more hundred bones and spend it on one though... you won't be disappointed. I use mine a lot. The grippers and webs are great tools to get on there. They build your hands nicely, which you'll really need for your lifts to go up more. Get a lot of chalk from them if you can. A power belt from there is a good idea. That will last forever. Mine could pull a truck, it's so tough. Tell you what, send me the $500 and I'll spend it all for you. :wink:


Think about ordering the Back Nobber. I love it. It really hits the knots I get right next to and slightly under the ridge of my shoulder blades. My arms used to get numb when ever I was lying down but not amymore thanks to digging in with the Nobber :wink:)


GHR is really all that huh?

That'll have to be something I just get for myself.

BTW, nice so far guys. It's good to hear feedback.


For pulling with your waist you need a strap and a belt. A normal weight belt works fine. The straps they sell have a loop at both ends and you just slide the weight belt through the loop.

If you want to drag with your legs then you will need two straps and a way to attach them two your legs such as a padded ankle strap that would be used for a low pulley.

You can also do diff exercises using your arms and two straps. Hear you could either holp the straps by the loops or attach a cable grips to the loops.


I always snickered at foam rollers until I tried one and let me tell you that stupid little soft cylinder makes a huge difference.


Unless you are extremely fat and unhealthy, you don't need a sled. If what you're interested in is getting stronger, then you really don't need much aerobic conditioning.

That being said, yes, sleds are very easy to make. You could also just get a discarded tire and hook a rope up to it. Wheelbarrow walks are also cool if you feel like you need some conditioning.



Yeah, you're right, i think i got confused cuz last time i was seriously looking into getting one jason ferrugia was selling a used one for like 400$ or something. My bad.

Also, Mr. Bear, just as a polite disagreement, I think the sled is sold short when its pushed as just a conditioning device. I was unable to do anything involving my lower back for about a month, but the sled lets you get a decent lower body workout in without loading your lower back. Not as good as squatting, but better than nothing, and probably a nice change of pace.


I use it for more than conditioning. It is a great leg workout. Walking/running backwards pulling a sled absolute frys my quads.





Not sure what you need but I always wanted to test out the ammonia caps. They'd be great if only to add to the "he must be crazy" looks that heavy lifters get. Can't go wrong for $5.50.

I'd also get the Magnificent Mobility DVD if you haven't already. And definitely a foam roller.


Here's what I'm looking at so far. A belt, the band pack, darkside hat (cool ass hat wtf is yoda proof?) probably a power web (I can close a 250 lb hand gripper on a good day, yeah yeah it's not amazing at all but I mention because I'm wondering for those who have a power web. Is green ridiculously hard, it says most lifters would want it. Is it really worth it? Thanks in advance.) Also probably get a foam roller. Not sure what else, although I could use a pair of shades and my girl is kinda pissy for some reason that all I want for our anniversary is strongman gear. LOL!


Strongman you say? Then definitely go for the Log Press. That's on my next Elite's shopping list.


A yoda is a 'guru' who can only lift things with their mind.


Just checked out the band pack. Looks good.

Nice ad copy also:

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