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500 3x3 Deadlift (Video)

2 weeks out from the CA USAPL. It’ll be my first competition. Will be competing in the junior mens raw 181 division.

Thanks for watching.

Nice lifts man! What do your bench and squat numbers look like??

Solid pulls, man. Good luck at the meet.

Nice pullin! I like your music choice too. New album is heavy

You have a very confident pulling style. Love it. Good luck to you.

Good luck man! What’re you shooting you for?

Very fast pulling. Speed is definitely not an issue for you lol. Nice lifting dude!

I have not trained barbell bench in more than a year. I would guess it’s only a little bit better than my military. Any flat press (DB, BB) bothers my shoulder. For whatever reason, dips (3 plates attached) and military presses do not. It has gotten better, but I learned my lesson not to do forced reps on with shoulder machine presses. I’ll drive to San Fran to see the Mobility WOD guy to fix this.

I’m shooting for a 445 raw squat and 550-575 deadlift.

@chaselmbrt Def a heavy album
@StormTheBeach Means a lot coming from someone who pulls 800+
@kpsnap Thank you. I attribute it to observing Mike Tuchscherer’s videos. Do you compete?
@ghost16 Speed has always been an issue for me in the past. Thanks.
@beefcakemdphd This has been an issue with me in the past but it has gotten better. I recently got my Titan singlet. I usually pull with pants, so it’ll be an interesting observation to make.
@ReignIB I have never noticed any problem when military pressing without a belt. My lower back takes no hits at all. Do you find that at a certain weight you prefer the belt while pressing?

everybody: Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments.

[quote]RockmanX88 wrote:
@kpsnap Thank you. I attribute it to observing Mike Tuchscherer’s videos. Do you compete?

You haven’t trained bench in a year but you’re doing a meet in less than two weeks?

Yes, this competition is the only time the junior men’s division will be available to me while I’m still eligible for it. While it’s unfortunate that I could not train the bench press at all for the past year, I’ve recovered quite a bit and can actually press a bar without pain (I’ve tried up to 185 two months ago which did not bother me). I did not train it to allow for a full recovery. It took a lot longer than expected. I plan on improving the bench press as the years pass.

For the time being, I’m focused on maximizing my lifts in the squat and deadlift, while not being as worried about the bench. I found out about the competition two months ago, and the least I could do is set a new deadlift record in the junior men’s 181 division. I’ve tried ART work and a chiropractor, but the time off from any bench pressing has helped my injury the most. I don’t plan on bench pressing anything considered to be heavy by any standards. My concern is the deadlift and squat for the upcoming comp. I look forward to actually training the bench year round soon enough.

[quote]RockmanX88 wrote:
I’m focused on maximizing my lifts in the squat and deadlift[/quote]

I can relate to this as I tore my rotator cuff in 2010. I don’t do much more than token benches at this point. Good luck to you as you chase the records!

Nice solid pulls. Your speed is awesome. That is hardest part for me. Good luck!

550LBs looks like a given. Really nice groove and speed on your pulls. Good luck!