50 YO Interested in Other Than Off the Shelf


I have spent a little while reading some of the articles on the site and at the risk of getting my head handed to me, I need some help. I am thinking that perhaps a short cycle as recommended in one of the other articles is the way to go based on work, relationship, etc.

I turn 50 this year. I have been lifting recreationally for many years. Primarily I do olympic lifting and crosstraining. I am a cyclist, on and off road (hobbiest). Right now, I am looking for something to help me recover faster and allow me to train harder.

Getting old sucks and so I am looking to find something to assist in staving off the effects of age. I do not want to gain weight, but am focused on finding something which will allow a faster recovery time.

195 lbs
Diet is meat, lots of vegetables, little fruit, healthy fats
Body comp is fairly lean, but haven’t had a body fat test.

Suggestions appreciated. Thanks…

Check the TRT sticky in the over 35 forum. It sounds like you’re a good candidate for testosterone replacement therapy.

I am 34 and have to say at least for me… I would recommend a Testosterone only cycle.
I don’t know your current blood work results, but I would def have it checked out before anything. You can post results here and someone like Bushi or Brook can help you with making sense of them.

However, I would propose an 8 - 10 week cycle of Test E 250 or 300
I think the androgenic effect alone will serve you quite well. Restores the youthful vigor in me!
You will need to accompany that with an AI (Aromatose Inhibitor) as you will no doubt experience some estrogen increases as your test increases.

I would probably stick with no more than 500 to 600mg per week.

I am assuming you know how all this works??? If not read the stickys at top of STeroid Forums

No, I don’t know how all this works. LOL. Trying to read all of this just makes it more confusing. Just had some blood work done and the doctor says my Test levels are in the normal range. However the range is quite large and I am in the lower range of ‘acceptable’.

Have never taken anything performance enhancing other than off the shelf, so am looking for some guidance, or a simple program. The article for over 35 suggests taking test and a few other things, which I am fine either trying to find a doctor to prescribe or attaining on my own. Really just looking for a basic plan to help build myself slowly and with minimal effort, so suggestions are really appreciated. Thanks.

[quote]OG50 wrote:
Really just looking for a basic plan to help build myself slowly and with minimal effort[/quote]

I sympathized with your post until I read this line.
Not only have you not put any time into learning about AAS, but you also want it to work with “minimal effort”.
There are no miracle cures. Steroids don’t work without putting in lots of work and “effort”.

OK. I am willing to put in the effort, but I really don’t know what I’m doing. I have spent a couple hour reading and it is just very confusing to me. I reallyy just want to do this right and i haven’t a clue how. Would appreciate any and all help in a0 getting a better understanding and b) knowing how to do this the right way. Thanks.

You will not learn how to run cycles in a couple of hours. That said, if you spent those couple of hours reading the stickies, I’d bet you’d have a better idea of what to do.

Take the next 7 days and when you can, read the stickies, the TRT thread again, first cycle threads and take quick notes; it’ll make things easier. The more informed you are about AAS, the better off you’ll be convincing your doctor to prescribe you injectable test.

Good luck.

Oh, and if you ask legitimate questions, you will get help. So feel free to do that. Just please don’t ask us for a “simple program” or “suggestions…”

I spent 2 years reading about this stuff before I had enough knowledge to even suggest a first cycle for myself. I learn more every day.

Lol @ “a few hours.”

I am 52 and been lifting for 3 years now. I have also been on HRT for 3 years. I am in agreement with bushidobaboy in that recovering from a cycle at our age is not always going to happen. I would post my test results and see what the vets here think. Being on the low end of the range does not mean your good 2 go. If TRT is needed this might be all you’ll need to reach your goals. By the way I do cycles now and then, but I do not have to worry about PCT because I’m on HRT.

Thanks Jake,

I am trying to find a doc to order the tests and will ask for advice after that. There is sooo much information on this site and it is hard to figure out what is right. I spent all day reading about E yesterday. I will keep reading and hopefully some of the knowledge here will rub off. That and a good doctor should be helpful. :slight_smile:

OG, always get and retain copies of your lab work. Get the old one(s) too. Letting a doc tell you than anything is normal is often a big mistake. Remember that the mind set of doctors is disease management, not health care.

You need to understand the need for supplements.

Drugs, OTC and Rx can lead to higher estrogen and lower testosterone levels. Drugs need to be reviewed.

Vitality when older involves many things.

Get the book:
“The Testosterone Syndrome” as a primer.

Not a reference for proper TRT injection use, which he did not understand, or the proper used of Arimidex, which he still does not understand at all, but a best all-round book nonetheless.