50 Years Old, Beginner Cycle - Test P

I am 50 years old, in good health and been working out for the past 9 months. Prior to that it was a pretty abusive lifestyle with partying and bad diet. I have shed 45 pounds of fat and estimate added on about 15 pounds of muscle in that 9 months.

I feel and look the best I ever have and want to push the results along as I am not getting any younger. Therefore I am looking to running a cycle of Test P. I live in a country near Ukraine and can get good quality Test P manufactured in Ukraine, I want the fastest results and I do not mind daily pinning. I think 500 mg a week is what I am looking at. I am 6’2" tall and currently 195 pounds.

I can get aromatizers and PCT products and cost is not an issue, so I seek solid advice on these with a view towards limiting risk of incurring side effects, keeping as much gains as possible post cycle, and general well-being.

I am not looking beyond a first cycle as I want to see the results and make future decisions from there. I am not competitive and gains are simply to satisfy my vanity.

Any and all advice is appreciated!

At 50 I would run labs first to see where your natural levels at. TT, FT, E2, FSH, LH, and SHBG as a minimum. You may be a good candidate for TRT and even if not it would be good to have a baseline.

9 months is a pretty paltry timeline to jump into AAS. If you are stalled that early and have already re-evaluated diet/training then TRT is probably the best option.

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You are pretty much going to get the same responses from everyone here. That 9 months is nothing and that you are just trying to take a shortcut and that you need to come back in a couple years when you diet and exercise is on point. I would just delete the thread so you dont have to read the same response 50 times in 50 different variations

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Thanks for the feedback. Indeed I will be getting lab work done prior to starting to get the baseline. I had test levels checked recently with a general health checkup and he doc said testosterone and risen from my last checkup and was in the lower quarter of the range for my age. The weight loss and cessation of alcohol were factors leading to the increase in test.

I will respond on the paltry timeline in the next gents feedback for the sake of time.

Thanks, Jimmy. I appreciate candid feedback. As for the 9 months, I do know it is a pretty short time. I would agree with the shortcut, while confining the shortcut to time and not a shortcut in effort. I have been reading up on AAS for about 3 months as I was initially skeptical towards the safe application of test into a training regime. Understanding it was akin to practicing in the dark arts in the 80’s and that shady overture kind of stuck with me as I never looked seriously at it.

So, now I have read a considerable amount and deem it to be a legitimate supplementation regime based upon a person’s desired results. One of the most notable points that I have focused on is the use of AAS pre and post a person reaching their genetic limits. My understanding is that AAS can be used to reach genetic limits faster, while admittedly the more common use is to exceed genetic limits. Basically, AAS can be used to achieve a natural plateau faster and/or to progress past the natural plateau. Spending three years (example time frame) to get the most out of natural progression and then moving onto AAS to maintain a reasonable, or accelerated, growth rate is pretty much an accepted norm. And this appears to be a plan for people that are starting with the goal of developing well past their genetic limits and typically in their 20’s and 30’s.

But, I am not really looking to get past my genetic limits, rather I want to boost up to the genetic limits and maintain. The material I have read, from a few sources, indicates that gains accelerated by the use of AAS can be largely kept thru diet and exercise without cycling on/off/on/off as long as the gains are within a person genetic limits. When a person exceeds their genetic limits then cycling becomes more apparent to maintain those gains above the genetic limit.

At least that is my understanding and I certainly welcome any response on that. That is the hazard of the internet, you can find support for just about any conclusion you want to come to.

I have decided on the use of Test P as I am confident I have made a life change and that continuing working out and dieting will happen. I simply enjoy the process and the results. Do I want to get more rapid results right now? Certainly. Do I want to make less effort n achieving maximum results? No. I enjoy the workout. I feel more masculine from being able to move more weight and the size gain is simply a nice bonus. Being in the gym is the highlight of my day and I am hooked.

If I was 20 years my junior I would probably opt for taking my time to start AAS. I am 50 and I want to get to my desired physique in as little time as possible. When I get there, I might decide to keep pushing past my genetic limits or I may be happy with what I have achieved and work to hone and not gain bulk. That will be a risk vs reward evaluation at that time. Right now I have R vs R evaluated running a single cycle to boost towards genetic limits and it appears favorable.

So, what is the downside to using AAS after only 9 months of work?

And my understanding of being able to keep AAS gains without cycling if below genetic limits… is this fairly accurate?

Finally (apologies for the long post), assuming I will do the Test P cycle for 8 weeks, at 75 a day, what would be a recommended AI and dose during cycle and recommended PCT? I see these go all over on the internet which is why I ask and it looks like often they are economic based decisions.

Thanks for the feedback, nothing but respect for folks that take time out of their day to provide some guidance.

You need to get blood work before doing anything. If your levels are not great just opt for TRT. You will get much better results over time with replacement rather than cycles

I have to agree with, you NEED blood work (chances are TRT would be safest option), and you need to step back, look at your age vs what you can actually build with your natural test. What I am getting at is, and I have read this all over the place, once you get past your mid thirties your natural test levels just don’t support muscle growth. Now do I take that as written in stone, hell no but it has something you need to think about. It’s just a sad truth of nature our test levels go down as we age. You stated that there were some gains so far and probably you did get some growth because you had a rebound in natural test when you dropped the alcohol. Alcohol is also going to hinder protein synthesis or something like that so your natural activity level was requiring X amount of muscle but the alcohol was not letting your body grow it. Once you stopped the drinking your body got to finally do what it wanted and along with that you had a rebound level of test to support it. Other than that your gains are really just you finally filling out the cells with proper nutrients. Chances are there is not going to be a whole lot more muscle your natural test levels can support. Then again you could be a genetic freak and have another twenty pounds of lean mass waiting to grow off of your natural levels. There is no way to know without just keeping at it in the gym and eating healthy.

So we ultimately don’t know what else your natural levels can support. Even if you didn’t have years of heavy living I would be hesitant for you to jump into a cycle this early. It just puts strain on your body. Your heart is already tired from years of supporting unhealthy weight now you have the weight down and you want to slap another 10-20 pounds back on. The heart works harder weather the weight is healthy or unhealthy and the drastic change is a shock in its self. Do you really want to risk that? Along with what happens when you get off the cycle and Bam no test in your system, your down depressed and you have to watch the gains deflate. Recovery after a cycle is hard period and it’s harder as you age even without years of heavy living. Again I ask are you sure you want to risk that? Especially when there is this wonderful nice lower impact method where you go up, stay up and the gains just slowly keep coming for a nice extended period. I really think just health wise along with everything else you owe it to your health to explore TRT. Yes the gains might be slower but you will still have a nice significant early change then you keep getting gains over an extended time in a healthier manner than 10-20 pound in 10 weeks. Then the best part is you keep everything you build! And even better you don’t have to worry about if you will recover your natural levels after PCT.

This last bit some more food for thought for if you go with a cycle. Ultimately test is test regardless of the ester attached. It does the same thing. Now the quicker or shorter esters tend to work better for cutting and the long esters work better for building. If you go look at those “pro” level cycles they will use a short or even a no ester test when they want to gain but it is almost always on top of a long estered base. It’s just something to do with how the long esters release into the blood and stay at a given level that allows for the best return on growth. Those short esters just BAM release then drop. So if you work out at night then figure your best return will be mid day injections, that could very well keep you awake at night. Our bodies repair muscle tissue at night so we need enough test in the blood to support that. The long esters just keep this nice “stable” level in our blood for extended days vs hours with a short ester.

Just FYI I am in my late thirties and I didn’t start cycling until my thirties (if you exclude some dumb prohormone stuff in the 20s) so I am closer to your situation vs the guys still in their 20s. I also had some heavy living years. I started with cycles and within a few I switched to blast and cruise (self prescribed TRT with cycle levels at times). I really think you should explore TRT before you jump into a cycle.

TRT for six months, then blast and cruise.

Everybody is right about training and diet, but you’re fifty and your test is probably low. Get on TRT and get it dialed in, then blast away.

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