50 Years Old, 6’1” 225lbs

Took a year off and the pic is taken after 12 months training on my 50th birthday. I weigh 225lbs here thinking about maxing out at 230lbs. Does this still look athletic or am I getting too much of the bodybuilder look?

Don’t know if it’s a bad thing but my vote is more BB than athletic. Looking good my friend.

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Not sure what’s wrong with the BB look? I think you are looking pretty sharp. I also think the art work is pretty cool.

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Appreciate the fed back man-

Thanks man. Appreciate the fees back and especially in the art. Took a long time to plan it all out but I’m happy with it.

What bodybuilders are you guys looking at? Honestly, this guy is jacked and looks great, but he doesn’t look like any BBer I’ve ever seen.

This is very much open to interpretation especially since he asked what he looks “more like”. Even at a professional level athlete this guy is carrying more bulk and less BF than most across the broad spectrum of sports. I think it’s pretty clear but we all have our own opinions.