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50 Years Ago Moon Landings

Any interest? Probably most of you were not born then. Please NO conspiracy stuff.
If you can remember then let’s know where and what you were doing.
I remember the grainy TV pictures on a black and white set. Later on in my career I met many engineers who worked on Gemini and Apollo programs. I worked on deep space ground stations in Spain and Australia and for a few years for ESA in Germany.
Just an old fart now!

So, just a bunch of lies then?


I look forward to the day that the global space exploration abilities crack that of the 60s era tech. I truly envy those alive for the time when it was possible.

Well done! Fell into the trap. First response to derail the topic.
Just wanted some memories that’s all.

“We didn’t lose, the race was rigged”

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I was born in '72, so a few years late to have been around. A guy I met in college had previously owned/operated the foundry that was contracted to make the body of the reflector used to track the distance of the moon from earth and any changes in it. He was a pretty neat guy. Great at metal casting but crappy welder. :joy: Another guy I worked with for a while in robotics did some stuff on the Mars lander but that’s not lunar.

Was about 8 going on 9. Astronauts were like super heroes - above cowboys even. The only thing l remember as captivating to the US public as first landing was 9/11. My parents say JFK assasination was the same. Houston was Space City - buildings, sport teams, amusement park all named for space.

Had a cousin that knew someone at NASA and got a huge packet of 8.5 x 11 glossies with astronauts/pics from Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions. Also had a newspaper that came out the following day. Lost both in a flood.

Funny - saw a pic of astronaut’s crummy little house and back yard. At the time, l couldn’t understand why these guys weren’t in a palace. :7)


Wife was channeling me.
Book is pop up and pic is snapshot of tv broadcasting lunar shot. Back says Landing on the moon 1969.


My mom says JFK, moon, challenger, Princess Di death, and 9/11 are the days she remembers everything about. She was born in 50. I was born in 83 and was a senior for 9/11. I can remember everything about that day.

Yep Challenger also came to my mind and strangely enough OJ.

I remember OJ chase. Had a baseball game and went home and watched it with my family. Good stuff here. Got norm fired from SNL. My favorite is the episode after the verdict. “Well it’s official…murder is now legal in California.”

What about the day you were born? :sadpanda:

I don’t know if NASA still does it but, you could send them a letter asking questions about the space program and they would answer them and send you pictures back as well.

She had 5 kids. Not that special

I could see that. I don’t remember much about the day my kid was born but I can describe in great detail the biggest shit I ever took.

I personally cannot wait to go back to the moon. We should have never stopped. Besides it’s good training for going to Mars eventually.
With the technology we have now we can do a lot more then just setup some experiments and pick up some rocks.