50 Year Old Powerlifting Peaking Cycle

I am 16 weeks out from my first 3 lift power lifting meet in 25+ years. I am 50 years old, using 531 as my training template BBB template (time and life permitting, otherwise the “I am doing jack shit” template)
for about 1 year. I am careful on recovery so push it but carefully.

I am thinking at sticking with the basic 5/3/1 and using the BBB 5x10 → 5x5->5x3 template from page 22 of Beyond 5/3/1. By the time I get to meet day, I will have 6 weeks of each of 5x10, 5x5 and 5x3. Here is my template per day:

531 Squat
BBB Deadlifts
Glute Ham Raises for 2 sets (or Stiff leg DL if @ home)
Front Squat Iso-Holds (upper back is a weakness for me)

531 Presses / Pull Ups / Band Pull Aparts
BBB Bench / Rows or Chin Ups

531 Deadlifts
BBB Squats (to a low box - practice to ensure I hit depth)
GHR for 2 sets / Stiff leg DL
Seated Good mornings

531 Bench / Pull Ups
BBB Presses / Face Pulls

My planned opening lifts are
SQ - 350
Bench - 250
Deadlift - 400

I also slow jog for 30 minutes 3 times per week (per my cardiologist, this is a good thing for me to keep doing). I will drop this 2-3 weeks out from the meet.

What do you think? I considered doing the BBB 5 x 1 (singles @ 90% of training max) but I am concerned about old man issues (stress (i.e., slow recovery, work, family, etc.)

Congratulations for continuing to train. I’m 57, and do 1-2 small local fund raiser meets a year.
I think that’s a big jump in volume , from the jack shit template. Particularly the DL programming, seated GM.

Maybe mis-typed. I have doing BBB and / or KB as assistance for most of the year except when traveling or life interferes.

I am 50 as well
I have a much harder time recovering from 5x10 BBB than I do 5x3 or 5x1 at higher percent TM

I would give it a try. Would think it would be more helpful for increasing 1 RM at meet.

I need most recovery time for deadlift and squat so I separate them as much as possible

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