50 Year Old, Please Rate My Program

I just rediscovered this forum after coming back from AFG for about 7 months…please tell me what you think and provide any help you can:

I am 190lbs, 5’11, 50 yrs old

Monday - Back, Chest, Quads -

Pull ups 4 sets as many reps as possible
bent T-bar row
DB Bench
leg press

tuesday - arms, shoulders, calves

preacher curls
seated curls
tricep extensions
tricep pushdowns
calf raises
hammer curls

Wednesday - rest

Thursday - Back, Chest, Quads -(see monday)
Friday - arms, shoulders, calves - (see tuesday)
sat/sunday rest

Supplements: daily vit, Alpha Male, fish oil, whey protien, BCAAs

help an old guy out fella’s, I’ve only get about a day to work out, any info to help me lose fat & put on size would be appreciated. I am not doing too bad, but I would like to do better…


Welcome to the forum. Rule #1, never quit. Rule #2, not everything works for everyone.

I’m not sure I’d be pairing up big muscle groups like chest/back and quads.

Could you give us an idea of the weight you are pushing.

What are your goals, short and long term. Spell all that out and you’ll get more constructive feed back.

I think you have too much overlapping muscle groups. Bench works primarily chest but shoulders and tris get hit as well. Using a Monday, Tues, Thurs, Fri I would do something like this.

Romainan deads

Flat bench (barbell or dumbbell)
Rows (any variation)
close grip bench or dips
high pulls

pull thrus

Incline bench
pullups or pull downs
bicep exercise of choice
tricep exercise of choice
rotator cuff work.

welcome to old meathead land.

sniff around lots of people up to good things here

Welcome. Have you been working out for only 7 months, or were you doing something before then? You don’t sound too fat, what exactly are your goals - trim up, get stronger?

ummmmmmm, you’d better. uh… um yeah 5/3/1 or