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50-yard dash from issue 15

For anyone who is familiar with the 50-yard dash leg routine (issue 15), I haven’t done this routine in some time now, when I did, it murdered my legs and ab’s. I was wondering if you would get a good/decent hormone boost from this routine. I was going to do 15yards for around 8-10sets.

Everyone is looking for a quick fixs! why don’t you start off slow and work your way up like 15yds for 3-5 in stead of 8-10??? Please unless you have peaked with your time that you can’t go any fast you don’t need supplements… There are NO EASY WAY OUT! JUST HARD WORK! remeber that… When you have peaked naturally then used supplements to help you out… Other wise your cheating yourself.

uhhh apparently fitone is on a ranting rave…unfortunately he comes off as a dumbass in my opinion…why the hell does he go off on you about supplements you didnt even mention that…i guess anyone with fit in their fuckin name must be part fag or something…lol…gettin back to the point…i know what your talkin about dude my abs and legs were killer after i did that sprint routine…i did it up hill too…anyways i dont know about a hormone boost maybe one of the experts here can answer that…maybe your test. levels would rise like they do from weight training…i dunno…i ran track in high school and we had to do some killer running routines…try 4 X 400m, 3x300m, 2x200, 1x100 and tell me how you feel…i about pucked on a daily basis when running track…its tough…anyways i am just here talkin away and ranting…good luck dude and let me know how your program goes

did you even read his post. your reply made no sense.

Thanks guys; I’m not worried about fitone. I was thinking about doing this routine for the next three weeks, maybe twice a week instead of squatting or deadlifting. What I was worried about is since I won’t be squatting/deadlifting would I be missing out on the hormone release or does the sprinting release a decent amount too.
Thanks for any replies.

I think the hormone release you are talking about is overrated.

did the forum say does any one know of any good / hormone boost for this rotuine? I take he was refer to some kind of supplement advice…

He said FROM this workout.