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50 y/o Considering TRT

Considering TRT to help with gains, no low T symptoms that I’m aware of. Just wondering if it’s worth it.

If fertility is a concern, then I would have to warn you that a certain percentage of men will lose fertility on TRT requiring months off the therapy to regain fertility. I doubt a replacement dosage in the normal reference ranges will get you the gains you’re looking for considering you have no low-T symptoms.

You would likely need levels a bit higher and even then there is no guarantee. Genetics play an important role in muscle gain and in fact have seen men go on TRT and never add any significant amount of muscle. Of course if you’re not eating right, muscle gains are not happening.

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If you’re doing it for gains in the gym, then no, it’s not worth it.

If things are working fine (libido, mind, clarity, erections), then don’t mess with it.

Run a steroid cycle… not trt.


First step is blood work. You definitely need to know your hormone levels including Free Test, Estradiol, and Prolactin to name a few. My guess is that you do have symptoms but they have been slow to develop over time that you don’t notice them. Take it from a 55 year old, you don’t know how shitty you feel until you get to optimum levels again.


Interesting, yeah I’m def gonna get blood work to see where I’m at but generally I feel pretty good most of the time. Thanks.

At 50, recovery is going to be tough. My guess is that a lot of 50 y/o running a cycle end up on blast and cruise.

Do you sleep well? Lose focus sometimes? Hard to concentrate? Trouble losing fat and gaining muscle? Libido declining? How often do you have sex? How about natural aggression or competition?

These are all good indicators of reduced Test. At 50, its pretty natural have reduced Test levels but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it.

Not trying to sell you anything here but this forum is CHOCK FULL of guys who thought they were doing OK but knew something was off and now they are getting treated for it or self treating, like me. Trust me, optimal test levels is a total game changer.

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The only thing I suffer from that you mention is the ability to gain muscle. I’ve been working out for too long, harder than ever more recently and while strength gets better, I see no results. That’s why TRT is intriguing to me.
Being 50 I’m sure my levels aren’t ideal, just wondering if it can help in the gym and if it’s worth the cost.

Cost is relatively cheap if you self inject but as others have said it can be work getting dialed in. It’s not a set it and forget therapy and its for life. Do your research and pick the right dr if you decide to go this route. There are many dr’s with horrible protocols that will make you miserable.

At age 50, you have to just do it. No symptomatic reason really needed. At some point in the near future you could start to nosedive so why fuck around? Just get on it and keep healthy levels from this point on.