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50$ to Work With?


What would be the best way to spend 50$ for building muscle?..
i have chicken breast and beans and otherwise im quite roughing it so to speak. Im hopefully expecting a bit more money in the next few days. What would you guys buy with 50 worth for lifting diet?

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Duke's Learning Thread

If I was roughing it, I’d buy the biggest side of beef I could find and freeze it.

Secondly, fish oil and protein powder perhaps a fibre supplement as I’ve never seen you mention a vegetable


funny you should mention that, i just bought celery, garlic, brocolli, onions, bread and tortilla wraps. came to 22$; i got 8 chicken breasts, 3 cans of beans and a variety of bell peppers at home.

also everytime in my workout log when i mention a “Wrap” it includes lettuce, tomatoes and cheese

gonna make a stirfry tonight and i think ill take your advice with the beef!


Ground beef is, in my opinion, the cheapest and easiest way to get your protein and calories in.

I will share my go-to recipe for bulking awesomeness:

-Ground beef
-A can of chopped tomatoes
-Red Palm Oil (optional)
-Beef stock cube

Is all you really need.

1)Add as much fat as you need to get your calories in
2)cook the onions in the fat until they soften
3)Add the mushrooms and ground beef
4)Brown the meat and while you’re doing that throw in a stock cube
5)Add a spoonful of red palm oil (optional, but I do it because it’s a nutritional powerhouse)
6)Spoonful of dijon mustard
7)Spoonful of honey
8)Good squirt of sriracha
9)Once that shit’s cooked add the tin of tomatoes and cook some more
10)Wilt in the spinach
11)Crush in a few cloves of garlic
12)Cook some more

And serve with however much rice you want. Really, the meat and veg are just the foundation. You can add whatever spices or whatever else you want, but a load of vegetables cooked up with some ground beef is about the easiest way to hit your macro targets there is.


I’m totally gonna try that! Sounds gooood


Haha I picked up a bottle of that stuff in an Asian store thinking it was going to be explosive… When I got home I noticed the “Made in California” label! Not impressed

What you want is that stuff which is crushed chillies in a tiny bit of oil. Wicked stuff.


A friend of mine went travelling around Asia and came home bitching that you couldn’t get properly spicy food in this country. Nothing but bravado, so I found a company that makes specialist hot sauce. I bought him one that comes in at 2,000,000 on the schoville scale.

He said “Thanks for the sauce, [Yogi]. I’ve never known pain like it.”


Every meal should be a cardio session :smile:


The lettuce/tomato is one thing, but the cheese is definitely worth listing in your log. That’s potentially a few hundred calories not being tracked.

Pieced together from some recent grocery receipts…
5 pounds of russet potatoes (about 18 small to medium potatoes) : $5.99
2 loaves of organic 21-grain bread: $6.79
3.5 pounds frozen organic spinach: 7.49
50oz chopped tomatoes: $4.00
3 dozen eggs: $6.99
2 whole roaster chickens (raw): $18.79
1 bunch bananas: $1.39

$51.44 total. I’m a hair over-budget. Whoops. Plenty of ways to shave down the cost, not going organic is the easiest, but these were pulled straight from some of my own shopping trips.

Chicken, eggs, potatoes, bread, vegetables, and some fruit. Everything a growing boy needs.

Roaster chickens are a great buy. About an hour to cook and you’ve got several meals ready to go. Two breasts, Two legs, Two thighs, and wings. Throw the leftover carcass in water to make stock, then add some vegetables and pluck off any remaining meat bits and you’ve got a simple soup.

[quote]i got 8 chicken breasts, 3 cans of beans and a variety of bell peppers at home.
Are the beans like plain black beans or something? Or are they like Campbell’s pork ‘n’ beans? Chicken breasts, especially if you’re getting them skinless, may add up quick unless you’re getting big bulk packs of frozen chicken breasts (I’ve seen sacks of 15+ pounds for like 20 bucks). Pre-cooked rotisserie chickens in supermarkets are also hella-cheap (as the kids would say). Just be aware that the skin may have a marinade or sugar-based sauce on it.

And double check those muscle on a budget articles I posted in the other thread.


You can get 2 lbs of chicken thighs ($6), cream of celery condensed soup ($1), mushrooms, and tomatoes ($4), which is a really good easy meal to make. You might want to pick up some rice with that too ($5). Thighs are really cheap because people don’t like them for some reason. Yes they have more fat but they have more iron and are nutritious too. You could also get a dozen eggs ($4 - you want good eggs not shit eggs), cheese ($5), and bacon ($8) and make a nice omlet. You could also get some gigante beans ($3) and cook them in champagne dressing (4$) if you want to wait 3 hours.


All the above sounds great. I would add some tuna. There are a lot of things that you can buy and make great progress without breaking the bank.
Best of luck.