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50% Set Progression

I have been running for a couple of 8 weeks blasts a routine by jordan peters for beginners (actually i would not define myself a complete beginner in terms of muscle developement having gained a 20-ish kg of muscle in my 3+ years of training but i am still very weak and definitely not that big at all at 72kg, 178cm, quite lean).

The routine consists of a full body routine mon/wed/fri with 3 rotations and It Is as follows:
chest Compound, shoulder compound, tricep compound, back widht, back thickness, biceps, quads, hams, calves.

All exercises are executed for 2 sets to complete failure, one in the 6-10 and One in the 10-15 rep range with 3 minutes of rest followed by DC Extreme stretches… Well i am having HUGE progress on this routine but i am a med student and I find It hard to schedule such long workouts (over 2 hours).

So do you think swapping the two sets for a 50% set (always logbooking obv) in the 8-15 rep range would make lot of a difference in terms of progressing? (Hypertrophy)

PS. I am trying not to completely change the routine because if something works why would you fix It?

Thanks in Advance coach!

Well the obvious answer is to cut it down to 1/2 body, and you could do Upper/lower or the old DC routine of (chest/shoulder/tri/back) then (bicep/legs) orrrr you could do a simple Push/Pull.

quad dominant

Vertical row
Horizontal row
Hamstring movement

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I would do the program exactly as outlined and not ask me to give you an answer on if something will work for you on a program I did not create.

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Sorry Coach, you are absolutely right, i just thought you could tell me if that looked reasonable to you, since you came up with this kind of rest pause and since i know you are One of the Sons of DC traing where an alternative to rest pause was (as far as i have read) to perform a top set and a back off set…

But thank you anyway for your kindness and for taking tour time to answer me

Just run through Paul’s templates:
Do 3 day here…

or this

neither should take more than an hour

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